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  1. Hi Rob

    Id love to discuss headwork with you
    Steve has told me good things about you:)
  2. Welcome

    If your going to be doing some engines and need a trade account setting up please do feel to get in touch

    James would be your best contact:

    01273 444 001

    Hope that helps


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  3. rickyrooo1

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    what part does james like to be felt on?
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  4. Baysearcher

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    His little end?
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  5. well thats scared rob off then
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  6. Perverts the lot of you's! Another perfectly innocent post and thread trashed :p
  8. It hasn't. ;)
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  9. Yes I can do head work. I have just come back to the world of reconditioning VWs after a 20yr "rest" and I am still buying and making the tools for the job. At this time i can offer full recon of all air cooled engines. I cannot replace valve seats at the moment but the tooling is on the list, everything else except balancing I can do. As for welding heads, been there done it. It is not as easy as it looks. I will explain when someone posts about it. Robert
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  10. 25hp to a Waterboxer
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  11. Sorry no. I only moved here in 2008. I had a 64 double cab some years ago, I wish I had kept it!
  12. Yea I have a workshop in Oldfield Lane. Looking to move to a better unit when the right one comes along. Robert
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  13. Feel free to give me a ring anytime. 07935935179.
  14. jivedubbin

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    Good to have you on board Rob
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  16. Welcome, we are a lucky crew on this Forum with professionals willing and giving
    free information. Think I should be saying Thank You Guys :chewie::chewie:
  17. Lord Charles

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    Hi and welcome.

    Let us know if and when you move as not that far from you.
  18. Hello & Welcome from somerset
  19. Hi Robert. I have a newly built 1776 which has some problems most obvious of which is the wrong oil pump being fitted resulting in no circulation. Unfortunately I no longer have any facility to split the cases and release the pump (it is seriously wedged in) , would you be interested in the work? There is history behind this other than on the thread 'Missing oil pressure switch' which I could pass on offline. 07771 731343.

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