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  1. Hello My name is Robert Parry and I live and work in Wisbech. I have worked and been invoved with VWs since 1967. I have not owned a bay for a long time, but have had a few of them. I have started building engines again having had a few years away. Robert
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  2. Hello :)
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    hello mate, your wise words will be appreciated should you choose to give out advice. :thumbsup:
  4. howdy , spect youve come across a few on here over the years then , good luck :thumbsup:
  5. Silver

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    Howdy mate. I saw your align boring add on eBay and was going to drop you a line and suggest advertising on here. Looks like you found your way anyway.:thumbsup:

    Do you do any head work, new valve guides and seats etc. and and can you get cracked heads welded?
  6. type 1s or type 4s
  7. hi

    My pickup lived near Wisbech from 1976 to 1998 he was owned by a local farmer who took it to local markets etc...

    it was blue then ,did you ever see it?

    welcome btw
  8. Howdy. I grew up in March, so know Wisbech well. Do you have a workshop over there?
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    Hello and welcome
  10. Evening Robert!
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    Hello & Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
  12. Good evening from Cumbria :)
  13. Evenin` Rob , and welcome aboard .
    A fountain of mechanical knowledge - expect you`ll be answering plenty of questions on here ...
    Hoping my T1 is gonna be a good `un !

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    Welcome to the site
  15. Hi & Welcome
  16. Rob's been helping me assess my knackered engine and I've been giving him the odd dig to come and say hello.

    Top man who cares about what he's building. :thumbsup:

    Hi Rob. :p
  17. a BIG hallo from Oslo :)
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    Welcome. You wouldn't recognise them now mate.

    Not changed a bit!
  19. Howdy! :)
  20. Hi Robert - welcome. Plenty of broken engines on here!

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