Off to view a Late Bay for sale.....

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by scrooge95, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Yeah, I did wonder... but if you look at street view on google earth the camper is on his driveway! I was interested in it initially (probably attracted by the price more than anything I suppose realistically) but having posted the photos on here and heard everyone's opinions (unanimously don't touch it) I figured it would be further experience in test driving and also a lesson in what to look out for when buying.
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  2. lots of worse vans around for same money, if u got no intension of buying why waste the guys time driving it?
    van in classified for 6k don't look no better, better of waiting right van will come along mate
  3. Baysearcher

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    He'll love the fact your effectively going to kick the tyres..
    Personally I wouldn't waste mine or the sellers time.
  4. Okay, fair comment.
    I hadn't planned to waste the guys time, and if it is actually sound then why not buy it. I was just trying to take on board opinions from those much more experienced than me, and learn something at the same time. To try and avoid being a tyre kicker.
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  5. Buy the first one you look at I did ;)
  6. Nowt wrong with going for a look. Your looking to buy, he wants to sell, kind of how it works! If its a right crapper, walk away. If its OK and your interested, make an offer based on how much any repairs may cost.
    And as everybody on here always says....look at many as possible!
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  7. Been for a look, nice to meet you @scrooge95 :)

    Well its the usual stuff, rot at the bottom, and who knows what under those fake belly pans. Cracked filler in lots places, bottom of winscreen needs doing, blah blah blah

    Dodgy areas that stood out.....
    No panel seams , its been fillered a bit!
    Apparently used to be a westy poptop, but now has a plastic fake roof making it look like a tin top.
    Missing a jacking point.

    Good points. Good engine, no endfloat, pulls well and sounds good.
    Good beam.

    Possibly a good project if you doing it you self, just not for that money!
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Sounds like one to walk away from!
  9. Big thanks to @volkswombat for giving up his time this evening. Good to meet you!
    If it were a bit cheaper and I had the skills to do the required welding etc, it's got potential... but not the one for me.
    On the positive side, it's all good education until I find the right one, and the more I look at and test drive, the more likely it is that I will know when the right one comes along. :)
  10. Sounds like a great expierence, I will need to start coming to you for advice soon :thumbsup: At least you've been to see one, that further than I've got. :(
  11. Ha ha don't think I'm quite at the advice-giving stage! Or likely to be for a looong while yet, but getting out and looking at any that you can is definitely the way forward. I naively thought I'd buy the first one I saw, that it would be just what I wanted - after all, it looked perfect on ebay ;) ... but there is nothing like seeing something in the flesh and getting behind the wheel. I took off the rose tinted spectacles after my first viewing, but it did confirm that even if it takes a while to find the right one, I do definitely want a VW T2!
  12. Old fashioned advice................
    Never take the first job offered or the first car you go to view.
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    .... Unless it's a beauty.
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    If your after a good solid van you could do a lot worse than buying mine ... the other woman.. dont want to hijack your post with a sales pitch but I would be looking to sell the old girl in the coming weeks..

    iys only maginally more expensive than the one you looked at, there will be zero welding to do, the van is solid and mostly original VW, best to have a look at the resto section, comes with well over a grands worth of new bits including all new rubber seals, brake parts, etc. Found a bit under the door glass seal trim that needs doing but I will take care of that as well... :) appologies for the blatant tout... Im thinning out my stuff..
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  15. el


    Carnt say that's always true.
  16. No apologies needed... and the resto project thread looks amazing! I've got another one to view in the coming week, but if it comes to nought, I'm still in the market...! Thank you.
  17. I would give one last chance with it , if you ask him to take off the middle belly pan.....which is bolted on , you can see more of the underneath . You can actually see the floor and sill section by using a torch and small mirror underneath the welded side belly pan , you never know it might be OK ...mine was . But if you do see crud and jacob's cream crackers .....then pack up your inspection tools and go straight home . If he was proud of his vehicle he would be more than happy to take the middle belly pan off , if not then you know the rest .
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    You've not looked at the photos have you?
  19. Still Bay-less at the mo but off to cornwall on thursday so fingers crossed!

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