Off to view a Late Bay for sale.....

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by scrooge95, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. If your kind offer still stands, the guy who's selling it says any evening this week or Saturday to view. If you are able to come along, do you have a preferable time / evening?
  2. @scrooge95 ,there was a nice tintop with a cracking interior in the classified ,did you not want to view that ,think it was £8 grand?
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    You realise @volkswombat and @scrooge95 you must turn up in your aforementioned outfits when van viewing and post pictures as proof :D
  4. Yeah I saw that one, looked interesting and good condition... I'm just a bit wary of Q plates. Probably unjustifiably so, but wary none the less.
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  5. What sort of time you aftet? I could do tomorrow or Thurs, not too late on Thurs though as I gotta go truckin. Sat latemorn/lunchtime onwards?
  6. Fair enough been off the forum over the weekend ,always be wary :thumbsup:
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    But the add explained about the Q plate and they had the paperwork to sort it, with your budget I would very seriously consider it
  8. Hi Scrooge, Welcome, Im from Hampshire myself but i would be no good as i wouldn't know what to check for to be honest,
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  9. Neither do I really ( you've seen my bus ! ) gives me the chance to put bacon in my bottom again though :)

    Only joking Scrooge, I know what I'm doing, got a halfords trade card and everything!
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  10. Fair comment, it does look peachy inside, and is well within my budget. Don't know why I am wary of Q plates, I suppose because they just advertise 'import' or something that has been seriously customised and altered beyond recognition normally (Beach Buggies etc). Is it possible to get a Q plate allocation removed and a standard, age-appropriate UK plate issued?
    I've actually got my eye on this one down in Cornwall late bay in cornwall
    so am hopeful that it works out. No pictures of the underside, although I spoke with the mechanic in the garage where it is currently residing, and he walked around whilst talking me through it on the phone. A bit of flaky paint on the sills, no rust or dodgy welds to see on jacking points, outriggers & chassis, but it is undersealed. Where the underseal is flaking a bit there is original paint underneath. Apparently.
    Worth a trip to Cornwall though I think. Once again, comments welcome.
    Hopefully @volkswombat will be talking me through things to look out for when we meet tomorrow :)
    No rose-tinted glasses.
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  11. your link no worky for me.
  12. Ah yes, I foolishly named the album 'that colour which is the same as a fruit' and of course it becomes 'Jaffa' which means the link no worky! Have renamed the album accordingly ;)
  13. where in Cornwall is it ? I have someone who can go have a pre look ...:thumbsup:
  14. Launceston.
    It's currently in a garage there being given the once over - or at least it was today when I spoke to one of the mechanics.
    Any additional help / advice would be very welcome if you know someone in the area :)
    I'm planning to go down on Monday with luck
  15. sorry I thought it would be further down Camborne/st Ives etc...

    there is a vw forum...
  16. where was this advertised @scrooge95 ? The one tomorrow
  17. ah no worries, thanks anyway. Will look up the forum....
  18. The Eastleigh one? It wasn't. I put a Wanted ad on Gumtree and the bloke contacted me. He's got a set of VW T2 steel wheels listed on there, but not the camper for some reason...

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