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  1. I think it's a personal decision...I prefer black and silver with my coloured van, equally, I felt jaffa indicators looked wrong ( even if they were right ).
    From memory mine are Ebay show plates and were £20 about 6/7 years ago. [​IMG]

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  2. I thought the same. My bus didn't look right with the coloured plates because of the colour of the van.
    tt 275.JPG
    The black and silver plates just look right :thumbsup:
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  3. I'm torn between keeping the rather ugly black on yellow style for my year (S reg) or celebrating its historic status with some silver on black...
  4. Raised plastic letters look the best i think .
    I have old black and white plates on my 73 bus ..might change to the later yellow black /white black ones it would of had .
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  5. At the time of the change over , loads of people changed to the new look plates it made them look like a more up to date motor .
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  6. The 'change over' was when it became illegal to run the old silver/black plate on new vehicles. The coloured plates had been available and legal to use since 1967 and the vast majority of folk buying a new vehicle would have paid the ten bob extra for the new, exciting plates so that they looked up to date & modern. By '72, the only owners still left using silver on black plates were the military, bus/truck operators & government supplied Invacars, all of whom produced their own plates 'in house'.
    It is very doubtful whether many bay window buses ever really ran silver/black plates before they were restored.
    Whether they look 'right' or not depends on your own opinion, but you'll never do very well in a concourse event.
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  7. I think they’ll spot the rust before the plates on mine!
  8. 37C52D45-FD33-42CC-AE89-760A808C6B43.jpeg
  9. Quite right and the reason I fitted "modern" plates on my 68.
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  10. So I went with the expensive classic plates .. real nice
    Are they worth £100 probably not but very happy with them 5A31CDD1-5FB1-4031-B239-34C6718955E6.jpeg
  11. Glad you went down that route , they look ACE and correct for the van ..

  12. Bus already has It’s OG ones these are for the 914
  13. Sorry , i remember now - look great with the raised lettering though :thumbsup:

  14. Legally, mines ok to display black and silver. It’s a ‘72, but one of the very first ‘Late Bays’, produced, so the factory letter,says.
    And they look smart, with a bit of elbow grease.
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