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  1. Just after 8 weeks been sent the reg number for the 914 after first registering it .
    It’s on a P (76) can’t decide what style of plates , bus has it’s original plates from 72 the yellow/white with raised plastic letters .
    Recommendations for classic plate companies ? Think I’m going to stay 1976 style
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  4. Tipper plates will do the correct type for the year
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  5. Plus eleventy for Tippers.
  6. Classic plates are £110 a pair and tippers £45 pair for the 70s style plastic raised letters ... that’s quite a difference
  7. All depends on how much you lerrrve yer 914 ...

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  8. Bugger all adds up to become just 'Bugger!'
  9. I edited - the original was my mistake ...

  10. You pulled the rug out from under my joke so I guess that's my queue to stop browsing and go do some work on the bus.
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  11. Off you jolly well go then - happy to help :thumbsup:

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  12. If they are essentially the same then seems a waste of £50 . I don’t like shiny shiny
  13. I`m with you on that one , shiny shiny just isn`t right and the black and silver pressed steel ones only look ok on genuine `classics` which were correct for the era which was pre `72 i believe ??
    Anything later and they just look wrong .
    Post resto i kept my old ones (yellow/white) as they are part of the character and fabric of the van , there were a few people trying to convince me black and silver were the way to go .
    On a `V` reg ??
    Really ??

  14. I think it was originally pre L registered for black and silver, didn't this come up in another thread, recently?
  15. 1973 and earlier I believe, so 'L' reg was the last reg that they were issued as 'standard'. I think at that point you still got offered the choice, although obviously the new style black lettering on reflective plates was encouraged. Mine with an 'M' reg shouldn't have them (but it was built in '73 so I convince myself this makes it okay ;) )
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  16. Jan 1st 1973 plates changed to black on white/yellow.
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  17. Someone looked this up, if your Bus has an historic tax registration you're legally ok :)
  18. Yes it’s a rolling year .anything pre 79 can have black and silver plates but my point is they don’t look right all shiny shiny ..
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  19. They don't stay shiny for long :thumbsup:
  20. Ah yes, that is true.... but it’s not ‘proper original’ ;)
    .... I do still have the original plates for mine (genuine 1974 original) but I like the look of the black/silver ones on an 0range bus. To each their own as they say.
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