FOR SALE NOW SOLD - 1976 VW Tin Top £7500

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Mabel, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. has been on ebay - 84 watchers, 2700 page views, 5 bids but £10000 short of the reserve -also had the obligatory cheeky post auction offer. One guy messaged me at 0600 this morning to ask if he could view and didnt turn up, so aside from not turning up he also woke me up at an unreasonable hour on a sunday morning, the lovely person.

    Anyways she is going to be taxed and insured in the next two weeks and i'll have another go in the spring - however she's still available in the meantime to any sensible offers.
  2. Did you mean £1000 short of reserve? Looks a great van and I'm sure it will be snapped up in the Spring, unless it's already gone.
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  4. Hi Mabel. Could you pm me some details?
    Where are you? Is there owt that needs doing to her?
  5. Have PMd you
  6. Still for sale - tax renewed - have reduced price.
  7. Still here - some interest..........
  8. IS she still for sale?
  9. NOW SOLD - wife crying, big space on drive. She didn't let me down this morning, first time start in the cold, ran beautifully on our 10 mile test drive. .........:(
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  10. Congrats. Kind of :-(
  11. cheers @CollyP - still the only TLBer we met (that i know of) - looks a bit empty out front, took her out for one last "on my own" drive last weekend, drove better than ever. Am going to miss it. Move on...................
  12. :lol:

    they always do ...:D
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  13. Ahhh drove past u the other day wife runs past and said still there.... spend the pennies wise. Good luck
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  14. Great news Ian...good luck for the future
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  15. Congrats mate glad she found a new home :)
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    Congrats. Are you already promising your wife you will get another one when your health improves? You will have to walk down the drive looking sideways so you don't see the empty space! Are the new owners going to send you updates? :)
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    Well done :thumbsup:
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  18. not sure - the dvt scarring is here to stay and I dont think it will get any better - never say never though. As for Kitty - she's moved to Tonbridge in Kent. The new owner is a newbie to VWs but I gave him the warts and all run down on the van in writing before he bought her and told her about you lot. I think I would rather not know how she gets on now but driving through Kent one day i may just spy a turquoise VW headed the other way with a dark blue TLB sticker with "mabel" on it :)
  19. Best wishes for the future.
    The GF lives in tonbridge. I shall look out for Kitty on my travels!!
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