FOR SALE NOW SOLD - 1976 VW Tin Top £7500

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  1. With much regret and after some months of deliberation the time has come to sell “Kitty” – we have not had the time over the last year to really use her and my health has been an issue. She is a 1976 RHD VW panel van -turquoise and white, with 75000 miles on the clock.

    She has just been serviced and has a new MOT until November 2017.

    She has been serviced annually since I bought her October 2012 by VWDownUnder.

    All work has been carried out by VWDownUnder - she had an engine fire in 2015 confined to engine bay – all sorted through insurance, all nice and clean with fire extinguisher system now in place, electronic ignition, new fuel tank filler hose and new engine bay door. This year OSR torsion rod and chassis rotted so has been expertly cut out and replaced by VWDownUnder.

    All works carried out are documented including photos from when I bought, gutted and redid the interior. She isn’t original interior but she is practical and has suited what we wanted which was to be able to just get up and go away at the drop of a hat.

    Inside has a full width R&R bed, two removable buddy seats with storage space, overhead storage, LED lighting, 240v double socket running off leisure battery, USB sockets, fire extinguisher, removable head unit CD player, spare wheel, all around curtains, removable table, one lap belt in rear. Also inlcuded- two jacks double ring camping gas cooker, 2 gas bottles, 25m RCD electric hook up, awning, inner tent, ground sheet, camping side table or two and wheel clamp.

    She isn’t perfect and does have some rust – drivers door needs sorting at some point. Passenger door not so soon. Slider at some point. Normal bubbles around rear wheel arches, slight bubble on rear door and on rear left roof corner and on front panel but all are not in your face. There is also some rust in the front OSR wheel arch and the battery tray but nothing that has prevented her passing the MOT or that can't be sorted quickly.

    We have spent quite a bit to get her where she is - She is ready to drive and I am after about £7500 (including all the bits mentioned above). The price is reasonable - you could leave all the bits until later or I reckon about £2k would sort out the doors and minor welds. I always said I would sell her on when the time came just to recoup my initial outlay which was a gift from my grandmother and let someone else enjoy her. However I am open to offers.

    I have been on TLB for 4-5 years so all my issues and tribulations are documented for you to verify against my username. There are also some photos on VWDownunder facebook page as well if you want to trawl through that.

    Van is in Rainham, Essex, 5 miles from M25/J31. You must come and see it before buying preferably during daylight hours – please don’t expect to be able to see it in the dark. Buyer drives it away – I don’t do deliveries. I welcome any questions but I can’t guarantee I can answer them. I have more photos - let me know. Payment must be cleared in my account before keys handed over.

    She is taxed until end June 2017 - she was registered July 1976 so I think she may be tax exempt from 2018.

    PM me or call / text me on 07986 016474 (ian)



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  2. Good luck , hope your health improves ,nice bus for the money .:thumbsup:
  3. Thanks - it's priced to sell. The DVT in both legs doesn't make driving and camping a nice thing to do anymore
  4. Sorry to hear about your DVT
    Your bus is really nice and someone will snap that up in no time
    Good luck !

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  5. Ahhh shame ! Good luck with the sale!
    Hope u feel better.
  6. Good luck with your sale - looks a nice van for the money - and it's tax free next April!!
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  7. Really sorry to hear about your condition and hope you feel better asap. Your bus looks very good and the price also, someone will snap this up, thought VW Downunder were looking for busses to purchase? Do hope you will still go to the local shows and if you see us do pop over for a chat.
  8. Merlin Cat

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    Good luck with the sale. Hope your health improves.
  9. Thank you - had some interest and viewing but no firm offers yet
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  10. Has anyone sold their van on Ebay? Just wondering what payment options you insisted on. I obviously won't hand over the keys until funds are cleared and am wary of several thousand pounds in cash in case the notes are hooky. Was thinking of cleared personal cheque, bank transfer or cash over the counter at bank branch?
  11. Merlin Cat

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    I've sold two via eBay and met the prospective buyer and gone to the bank with them to transfer the cash into my account before I hand over the van. With the last one we had to show the bank clerk the advert to prove that there was a van and we weren't money laundering!
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  12. What a shame about Mabel, she is a lovely van, and someone is going to be a very happy owner, hope your DVT improves bud.
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  13. Thanks Merlin - thats my preferred option, once the cash is over the counter its clear.
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  14. Thanks @Skid66 - had it in both legs in consecutive years and my left leg is quite severely scarred internally. Just find it difficult to drive any distance nowadays especially in the van so........
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  15. I sold my last one on gumtree, no more people trying it on on there as anywhere else, cash on collection at your bank job done, glws
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  16. Good luck with the sale. Sorry to hear about your DVT.

    You guys were the first TLBers the kids and I met
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  17. @CollyP I haven't sold her yet :eek:) You just never know what will happen if no one buy her
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  18. Good luck with the sale. Have had DVT in the one leg, feel for you with both, keep moving and good luck!!
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  19. Ebay bound next week if not sold beforehand
  20. good luck with the sale. Winter Bargain for somebody.
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