Notching and tubbing, pics please!

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by Rossco, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Let's see your slammed bay pics along with the chassis notching and tubbing etc.

  2. You're on the wrong forum for that :lol: prototype is more likely to have what you're looking for :)
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  4. Ask your MOT man what he thinks first. Technically speaking he should fail you with notches.
  5. Research purposes only :thumbsup:
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  6. @Rossco ive only just seen this. I've gt some piks of the tubs but just checked and I havnt gt any of the notches.


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  7. Oh And I would worry about the mot, I'm pretty certain it's not a fail anyway and if there done right and neat then how would the tester know that it's not standard
  8. They're nice! Do you have upside down steering track rod ends too?
  9. You are joking? They are not idiots, they look at cars all day long and are usually good mechanics. I think you'll find they are more likely to turn a blind eye if it's been done well though.
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  10. I know there not idiots but it's not very often a tester would test something like a bay so it's not gonna stand out as a modification,

    @Rossco yeh they are upside down, it's also king and link pin.
  11. You don't think the tester will notice it's slammed to the floor and see the notches and what they're for? I still think you're under-estimating MOT testers.
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  12. Blind eye as long as it's safe etc is likely the case
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  13. One of my mates had his bay refused an MOT when the tester noticed notched chassis rails.
    It was reported to the VOSA who called it in for an inspection and threatened to take away its V5. They were saying it would need a IVA or BIVA or whatever it is which there was no chance of it passing.

    Instead of going through all the hassle he just raised it up and rewelded the notches back to standard.

    Theres loads of vans running notches so maybe he just got an ass of an MOT man, who knows.
    VOSA round here do roadside checks and regularly remove notched golfs and ibizas off the roads.
  14. Vosa r defo more on the ball these days ,between them and the new police traffic unit up here in fort William I doubt u would even get of with black number plates now, let alone anything else ,

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