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  1. Thank you
    Hi Paul , I think I may already have one also , but keep me in mind just in case !
  2. A strange decision to remove poptop and make it into a tintop. IMO you have devalued it by several £K and cut out 95% of your potential market. :thinking:
  3. we did try to persuade him not to at the time .......
  4. If it had the proper westy roof panel I would have kept it , but practically speaking as a converted tinny it wasn't the greatest and only served for standing up in the van
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  5. Beg pardon, I'd forgotten it wasn't an original and that we'd already had this conversation. :)
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  6. Moons

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  7. Nice van mate! :thumbsup:
    I wish it had popped up a few months earlier. :(

    Just out of curiosity how is the subaru gearbox to drive?
  8. Hi, can you tell me a bit more about the engine is it a turbo what year and what miles did it have on it whose bits did you use for the conversion, who did yourlom,did you do the conversion on the gearbox or was it bought converted by subarugears.
  9. Fantastic , short shifting area/ pattern so its nice and tight , and no more dropping gears for hills!
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  10. Non turbo engine (frankly turbo just isn't needed) , It was a Y reg Subaru Impreza sport model (uk spec) which I sourced and stripped that engine had done 120k but it came with a spare 80k miler so its done about 85k and I have a spare engine also .

    I did the gearbox conversion and the loom conversion

    Most conversion parts from fellows speed shop
  11. What are those tyres by the way ? Love them.
  12. Thanks they are , 205/70r15 maxis at771 on mercedes rims
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  13. bumpy

    New steering box and coupling now bought and being fitted at the weekend ( no price increase)
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  14. New steering box now fitted , steers like a dream !
  15. Did you have to do any modification to fit those? Or is the wheel arch big enough to fit them straight in?
  16. fit straight in , rubs if your 2" lowered so i went back to standard
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