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  1. Hi ,

    Well I didnt think I would be putting this up for sale although right now im just out of funds and after shoving about 200 hrs labour in this van i'm struggling to find the effort to finish it.

    We bought it from Arizona , its all been registered with MOT and has a V5 etc , unfortunately when it arrived the engine was blown so the decision was made to pop s subaru engine in , after months of deliberating we also opted for a reversed subaru gearbox the internals are from a company known as Subarugears.

    The van as you would expect was tired from living in the desert but obviously extremely dry , it has a small hole by the battery tray but thats about it , the front panel was dented so we had that removed and replaced with a new one , we did a few small repairs to the body (general dents) and then had the van painted in Porsche speed jaffa , roof black (recent change from a westy roof , so we had the hole in the roof panel replaced

    Its currently running and driving , with headlamps, brake lights, indicators .

    Fellows speed shop radiator conversion kit but all the cooling system is tested and the fans work off the subaru ECU as intended

    rusty lee full width rock n roll bed , all new recently re trimmed panels inside

    It comes with everything that I own to do with it , Including a spare subaru engine

    Its still a working project and I'm always changing or adding to it

    best way to see what its all about and what it requires to be "finished" is come have a gander

    Located in Berkshire

    priced at £12k firm

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  2. Hi guys any advice on my bus? too expensive ? put off by conversion ? any feedback would be gratefully recieved
  3. I imagine if you finished the electrics/dash it would open up your market.
  4. I think it is a bargain ,thinking the average scooby is 5k to fit...:thumbsup:
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  5. I agree, just need to finish the basic van IMO. Interiors are easier for the inexperienced to get their heads round - a van with a Subaru and no dash/lights wired and no interior becomes risky. Not for me as LEF says - bargain considering what people pay for a subaru install.
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  6. Ah ok , Thank you for the advice / thoughts - Il get to some wiring then !
  7. If you decide to go back to stock would be interested in your Subaru conversion
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  8. If you want to call me to discuss anything about the bus im on 01344 286 326 or 07934 336526
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  9. Potentially a really nice project Neil?
  10. Hi Paul , Its a great project seeing as all the paint has been done and all the new parts etc but I'm just struggling with the work/life balance , I would love to carry on and get it finished but it will always mean me doing late evenings and weekends and my 3 are missing there dad
  11. Totally sympathise . Your Family is so important, and your kids grow up before you know it . It's an awful shame, you were so enthusiastic and so far it's looking good.
    There will always be other potential projects in the future
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  12. ............
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  13. Im Thinking of going T5 so I'm putting this out there again to see if theres any interest



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  14. I was really temped first time round ... Preferred the Westy roof ...what sort of money you looking for?
  15. 12k , as i have just spent £1900 on the interior panels seat foams and bed , and £750 on having the roof reverted
  16. T5,
    I think I've got one for sale
  17. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    That's cheap!! The subarugears reverse gearset is far over 10% of the price of the vehicle, that's without the actual gearbox and fitting.
  18. Wish i had the cash to spare tbh. Id have it tomorrow!

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