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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by NLAVWParts, Aug 27, 2014.

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    Give Adam a call on 01789 722658 as I unfortunately am not in a position to answer you, sorry
  2. Got a discount no probs when ordering by phone. Quick friendly service and the bunk looks good. :thumbsup:
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  3. Did you ever make any progress with resolving the issues with the springs and catches for the bed hinges? I still have a prety much unusable bed/seat due to a) the springs being to weak, and b) the catches not sitting in to place correctly resulting in the seat upright not being secure.

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  4. What he said?????
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    I'm sorry I was sure I had replied on here regarding the springs for the brackets. We have them in store as of tomorrow at £1.50 each if you require them for your old hinges. Contact us directly as they are not yet in the online store.

    Sorry for any inconvenience
  6. What about for the new hinges that we have purchased from you that don't work properly?
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    Contact us directly and we will gladly send you springs as we obviously would not want you to have a faulty product while we have the solution sat on the shelf.

    I can only apologise that the issue occurred in the first place

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