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    We have been talking to our manufacturers and it looks as though it may not be as simple as we had hoped but we are a determined bunch so we will overcome the issues. We will endeavour to keep you guys informed

    Thanks again for bringing it to our attention
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  2. Thanks for the update - look forward to hearing more :)
  3. @Dicky - if you could buy an extra set and would be willing to post on to me (with first class stamp!) then would be happy to split the JK postage with you to bring the price down a bit.
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  4. I ordered some this morning by phone. As rick said theyve done much cheaper postage. Give em a call. I dont know that these will solve the problem but worth a try.
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  5. just tried that code and it says it's expired?
  6. Got the springs - they are slightly shorter than the oroginals. Fitted them and they do solve part of the latching problem. Both latches operate simultaneously and operation is improved but still the seat when lifted up to access the locker ie underneath doesnt drop back into position as the latches prevent it - ie it sticks up by 3 to 4 inches and you have to pull it up into the bed position and then relatch it and carefully put it into the bed position each time. The end of the latches fouls the locating pin as the latch gets pulled back by the spring too far.
  7. Perfect description of exactly what I am experiencing too with the hinges :) Had hoped other springs would resolve it, but guess not...
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  8. No they dont!
    pic below!
  9. Is that the new JK ones? That is exactly what happened with the NLAVW springs that came with the brackets - the ends just bent and popped off on the first open/close of of the seat.
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  10. The shorter -striaght one is the new jk one and the other the original - the JK ones are a little shorter and actually work better but that has only accentuated the problem.
  11. I will have a look at modding the latch at some point but as you know with the cusions in the may its hard to really see whats going on. May get a chance over the weekend.
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    I'm sorry we don't have any further news as yet but your posts are excellent and very helpful, the issues are exceedingly confusing as we have replicated originals as closely as we could. I look forward to seeing any improvements you make Dicky. If you can take pictures as you progress that would be perfect, and we will ensure we do our bit to repay you for the favour.
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    Just a note to let people know that we have resolved the issue with the discount code.
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  14. Any news on resolving the issues with the hinges? Would be great to be able to get my seat sorted as my wife keeps saying she'd like to be able to take the kids away without me on school holidays while I'm working, but when she sees me having to fight with the seat poking my fingers in to the hinges to get it to sit flat it is really putting her off! Thanks.
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    Sorry but we are still trying to find an answer regarding the springs, I never realised that it would be so complicated to uprate a spring without incurring numerous other difficulties.

    I apologise again for this and will endeavour to hurry things along
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    And the code is Latebay10 :thumbsup:
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  17. Discount code not working for me. Trying to order a cab bunk.
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    As an aside, did you get the jaffa Westy carpet I sent you guys, we talked about it at dubfreezejampthinginstsfgord?

    Wondering if you can copy it?
  19. Would it be an idea to post a video?
  20. Possibly but let's stick with the bed hinges for now. I ground a bit off the latch and the action is improved. Stays unmatched unless you disturb the backrest when lifting the seat itself up . Will have another go at it at some point.
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