Newbie to the site and air-cooled VW's

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  1. Hi All,

    I thought I'd introduce myself and my VW. My proper name is Laurence, but I tend to go by Mac. I have a 74 1600cc Bay with what believe is a Devon interior. Only had her a month or so but we have done the best part of 1000 miles already.

    I'm having a few issues with replacing the ignition switch (it was causing the engine to cut-out due to over-rotating), I have the switch out but can't get the key barrel out. Any suggestions or anyone in the Malvern area who could offer some assistance?

    Regards, Mac
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    Welcome along Mac. Someone will be along shortly with some useful advice :hattip:
  3. The springing back from start to run and how much rotation is possible are features of the switch itself. No need to remove the barrel.

    Pretty sure that's right. :thinking:
  4. I would agree that normally you wouldn't want/need to change it, but when it dies completely then you have to 'jiggle' the key to get the ignition to work it's a bit disconcerting!
  5. Hi and welcome from Fife.
  6. Yes, but that will be the electrical switch itself so certainly change that. Was it held firmly in place with the tiny grub screw?

    You could experiment. Plug the switch wires it with the switch dangling. Start the engine by operating the switch with a screwdriver. Jiggle it about. A good switch will behave as you expect your key to, springing back from start to run and won't need any jiggling to work. The key mech is just a posh screwdriver at the end of the day. :)
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  7. If you light a fart don't bend towards the wind :thumbsup:
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    I didn’t mean you :rolleyes:
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  9. You said useful advice and look what might have known :D
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  10. Not a lot of people know that ....said in a Michael Caine accent
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  11. ELO from a Sunny Notts, welcome to the forum!
  12. Hi All,

    can anyone recommend a good air-cooled specialist near Malvern, Worcs. I can do most things (bodywork excepted) but it would be good to know there's someone nearby who I could revert to if things get beyond my skill level. Brookside are a 40 min drive away but just wondering if there is anyone closer?

    Best wishes,
  13. Hi and welcome from West Lancashire
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    There is a knack to removing the barrel itself if you’re intent on doing it. I’ll try and find a link for you. Welcome btw
  15. Welcome to the mad house.
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    There’s a chap in Kidderminster I can recommend at a push
  18. If everyone in the world light a fart at exactly the same time the blast would be 10 times louder than my camper when I start it up :thumbsup:
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