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  1. We have 3 boys and a Devon with straight up pop top. We used to have everyone in the van when they were small and it was great fun, but couldn't swing a cat or even a small rodent in there. Now they are older, my 15 and 13 Yo's are in the awning, and the 9 yo still in the bunk.
    You absolutely need a full width rock and roll, otherwise where are they going to sit while travelling? I used the factory seat belt mounts for two three point belts, and a lap strap in the middle. Make sure you get a proper steel framed rnr, so it can take the weight of passengers, and they stand a chance in a bump. I've seen too many done with timber and z hinges. Not safe imho.

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  2. Thanks all! As for the Roller... it's not cheap to run and stretches me to the absolute limit! Prices of the campervans are massively inflated right now. We wouldn't want it for this season anyway, so it may be a good idea to wait, but I get all excited 'n stuff!
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    Think prices are inflated now? You should have looked 3 - 4 years ago! Prices are lower at the moment than they've been for years.
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  4. Very nice, just don't let @Merlin Cat know or you'll end up with a stalker :eek:
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  5. Really?? Wow. Good to know!
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  6. Don't forget an awning is often referred to as a divorce-in-a-bag for a reason. If you have older kids a couple of small cheapish tents are also a good option with a Bay, stops the kids fighting.
  7. o_O Dealer?

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  8. I would forget the Viking roof for a while, and concentrate the underside of the vehicle. Welding is likely to take priority over camping...
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  9. I’ve owned a Westfalia Berlin for 14 years. Two kids were small back then and kipped upstairs. Son got big and kipped in the awning. 3/4 bed was never an issue. Now it’s just me and my wife and we sometimes sleep upstairs. I’ve got a Khyam quick erect awning which is brilliant. My bus was an Arizona import so had no rust and had never been welded. It’s been on the road and used for hundreds of trips all over the country all the time I’ve had it. Only broke down once many years ago. It does however take up a lot of time and money and does 20mpg. I’m a mechanic and this is a hobby so not a massive issue for me and it’s worth at least double what I paid for it. If you really like camping the most keep the Roller and buy a Renault Traffic.
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  10. ..... or keep the Roller and buy a massive tent.
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    thanks for the heads up @Fruitcake :)
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    Get yourself a jurgens! loads of room:
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  13. They crack me up ;)
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  14. If thaf was Hasta Alaska he was airborne in that bus enough to pop CV joints out on dodgy roads.
    The high top buses may have bigger holes and I expect the top starts falling off especially in his dumb hands.
    His mechanical skills were a bit poor and he kept paying people who then did a worse job than he did because they saw the rich gringo roll in ...

    I started off envying him and feeling sorry for him but by the end I had lost it with him.
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  15. I hated them but now they crack me up as well. A couple of years ago I went to a vw show and someone pulled up in a Dogde Commer version. Very cool.
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  16. If I ever wanted a motor home, that would be it :)
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  17. 7A7AA39E-26A5-4B22-B76D-1EED5F8C9E28.jpeg Casa Dicky at the moment.... static for 10 days....hence awning!!
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  18. And scoot for a bit of local transport!
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  19. Hmmmmmm dealers.

    if I said to you that I know a drug dealer who reckons that he could get me a good deal, or a person that deals in people trafficking, would you think they are likely to be looking out for me or for themselves? Yet apparently car dealers are on our side.

    find a decent van yourself from the free, impartial advice on here. Read the threads on here about looking at the underside of buses before you start dreaming of flashy interiors. If you think a rolls Royce might stretch you to the limit, read some of the horror stories on here about people who bought lemons.

    and why on earth would you get a dealer to fit you an interior? Find one you like and either fit it yourself or get the people who made the bloody thing to fit it.

    If you absolutely must buy from a dealer then use one of the guys here. Specialists.
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