New Covid Tier levels

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  1. Its because they don't want people to subconsciously assume the risk is low as they are likely to become complacent.
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    Yet Wales are accused of racism when Hubert and Rebekka from Surrey couldn’t hire a land rover and cottage for late summer staycation and do exactly that.

    I believe a lot of the tiers relate to Hospital provision and access in an area.

    Don’t be surprised if Ricki Ballsack and Mr Tumble announce that directors of Ltd companies that go under aren’t struck off for five years but can start trading again.

    The hospitality industry will recover, people will always have birthdays, weddings etc. It’s just taking a hammering at the moment.

    A bigger concern is non essential shops, but then for many of us the highstreets have been destroyed in local towns for’s only being noticed now as it’s big cities getting it.
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  4. So we trust people within the workplace but not within our lives?
    Not saying your are wrong by the way :)
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    We are actually advising bojo.

    That’s why there is always a delay in a definitive answer

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  7. It makes me laugh when they say in the news
    When lockdown ends next week

    I never saw any lockdown ,

    Apart from a few vulnerable small shops and pubs
    Everyone else carried on as usual

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