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  1. My little village in Lincolnshire is tier 3, in the middle of nowhere where nobody has had it or in most cases even heard of it yet! How do they work that out? I'm now not supposed to go to safer less disease ravaged places like Liverpool or travel on the Londonium tube in case I spread my diseaseness. Can't even go to the pub to rant about it :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  2. Join the club, Sothern fairy's.
  3. I think they're worried about turnip to human transmission.
  4. It makes no sense. Don’t try to understand it.

    Don’t forget viruses in pubs become more virulent after 10pm, so leave before then.
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  5. Can't go to the pub, not allowed to and they're staying shut :mad:
  6. Your hairdressers may be serving pints :thumbsup:
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  7. Mine is:rolleyes:
  8. PIE


    We might as well be in the top tier as the little pub in village does not do food so has to shut, we cant even sit at the tables with service, they say that it is to stop the scenes you see on TV, well there is non of that here, chance would be a fine thing, and they have shut us down anyway, still dont know of anyone around here who has defiantly had it.
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    They are saying that the mass testing is not working cos the take up in hard to reach communaties where it is at its highest is at 4 percent. Im off to google what a hard to reach community is. Could be us with single track lanes amd no trains or buses??
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  10. You've a good memory.....hairdresser!!??
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  11. The problems come when people from other areas come to yours, because your pub is open.
  12. Wrong tack I'm afraid, I thought it meant places like us with no public transport, but the official definition is.............................

    "Foreign-born residents and many ethnic communities in general, are often considered hard to reach" Along with sex workers and criminal groups apparantly.
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  13. BBC: "Only three areas will be in the lowest tier, medium: Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and the Scilly Isles"

    If only we lived on an island we'd be in the lowest.. or Cornwall

    .. and why is the lowest tier "medium"? not confusing at all :D
  14. A lot of it is based on the capacity in hospitals for that area
    We are in a low area and the village hasn’t had any but we have crap hospitals so are going into their 2
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  15. Dont try to understand the logic, in many cases there is none. Here is apparently the governments justification for the further misery.

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  16. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Notice all the tier 1 places are hard to get to?
    Imagine if say Swindon was tier 1, but Reading and Bath were tier 3. Swindon pubs would be mobbed.
  17. We’ve always been in the top tier & remain so.... because we are the best! :thumbsup:
  18. I'm not going to change my current habits, even if we went to Tier 1. Shop once a week if possible, keep out of others houses and keep going to bloody work (no choice on the last one).
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  19. When doing risk assessments we use low medium and high.
    Maybe time for a rethink :thinking:
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  20. I believe the Indian government are using Hot, Medium and Mild.
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