New baby 1970 Westy

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by satans_creation, Sep 15, 2020 at 3:05 PM.

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    Hope your day goes well :thumbsup:
  2. Best of luck, today :thumbsup:
  3. Looks really nice. Bilstein dampers a good sign.
  4. Hope it’s all as good as it looks.
    Do let us know when you’ve got it.

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  5. Good luck with the collection, I’m quite excited too!
  6. Just noticed it’s at Felbridge! That’s about 5 miles from me and about a mile from Bazza’s house!
    If only we’d known we could’ve gone had a look and kicked the tyres for you...

    @Barry Haynes

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  7. I’m only about 45mins from Felbridge...though on a fact finding mission my skill set would have been limited to “yep, it’s definitely blue!”.

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  8. Where abouts are you then?

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  9. Bloody hell I know this camper the geezer lives right next door to the star pub in Felbridge, he was using it as his daily up until the sale, I know he did a front wheel disk brake conversion he also put on a stainless steel exhaust, I hope you enjoy it well done

    I'm going to miss chatting to the fella he seemed a nice chap, I've followed this bus many times along the Copthorne road, I'm going to also miss seeing it
    Good luck
  10. You can still speak to him Nipper :)
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  11. No he's camper less , also a Spurs fan :eek:
  12. Looks like I'm the only prototype owner in Grinstead now, who's the daddy:thumbsup:
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  13. Well 420 miles later o_O

    I'm home safe and sound, was an epic journey but was worth it.

    Needs tinkering with and odd bits of paint sorting but looks fantastic.

    Drove well for a 50 year old but god was she thirsty!!!

    Pics to follow
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  14. The only bay in the village :chewie:
  15. Looks like a nice bus, and the previous owner has clearly taken care of it. I bought mine sight unseen on eBay and haven't regretted it since. Hope you have many years of happy motoring/camping together.

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  16. Well I got up this morning and rushed outside without having breakfast as if it had been snowing and I wanted was to play (sad I know)

    I haven't done anthyting to it apart from check oil plus cleaning and tidying inside, he kept the boomerang :(

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  17. Here's is the worst of it

    IMG_20200917_105547.jpg IMG_20200917_105635.jpg IMG_20200917_105653.jpg IMG_20200917_105722.jpg IMG_20200917_105735.jpg
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  18. Looks like a great bus.
    I remember from your 'moneypenny' bus that you have great skills, so i'm sure you can tackle any work that needs doing.

    Did I notice a Fram oil filter? If so a mann filter W719/5 fits and is a much cheaper alternative

    Are you off camping this weekend then or tinkering?
  19. I'll try again.
  20. "Blushes" I wouldn't say great but thanx

    Brilliant I will bare that in mind when I buy one.

    My parents are going to Scarborough to my aunties so might follow otherwise I will be in the local peak District
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