My 79 Devon Moonraker

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  1. Hello all,

    Just joined and thought I'd get a thread up to show progress of my new bus NORMAN, just getting a good bit of tlc and upgrades at the moment, until I can afford to sort the paint out!

    As I bought it image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. Plans and box of bits to fit to Norman

    Oil (20w/50) mineral
    New strainer
    Magnetic sump nut
    New rocker gaskets
    New dizzy and rotor arm
    K&N filter
    Hot start relay
    Uprate battery to 096 76ah diesel battery
    Replace fan belt
    Replace fuel filter and fuel pipes (already done)
    New dual mount front aerial
    New CD player with 10 disk changer
    New seals which are missing from louvred window in rear
    Full leisure/230v hookup
    Repair pop top which has had a couple of bits repaired with standard filler and has cracked
    Hand paint gutters
    Electric washer motor

    Etc etc etc :p
  3. Nice van mate :thumbsup:
  4. Lovely condition for a RHD.
    2 litre?
    Happy camping.
  5. Looks good. I like the wheels and the colour. Made a list of things to do 7 years ago but it never ends and just gets bigger. Enjoy the ride. :thumbsup:
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  6. No 1641cc, the parts to fit box keeps getting fuller!
    I need the old scrolled Volkswagen badge for the tailgate, where can I get one for an economical price?
  7. Welcome . Very nice van. Rear badges are pretty cheap from the usual suspects. Failing that someone always has some at vw shops in the flea market areas.
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  9. Hello :) Lovely van!
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  10. Late bays didnt have one ,plus its a late Moonraker the wheel should be there :)
  11. Looks a nice tidy bus :)
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  12. Looks very nice, great to see another Moonraker on here :thumbsup:

    As LC says, they didn't originally have the Volkswagen script on the back, but had one of these instead:

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  13. I sooooo want one of those SB :cool:
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  14. Me too !
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  15. I can see the plugs in the tailgate so I thought it would be or that or a bike rack.
    I don't have a top engine hatch either? Thought all the late bays had them?
  16. Not all - my last didn't, but surprised yours doesn't being based on a kombi. Maybe has had a replacement panel?
  17. Weer engine hatches just fitted with type 4 engines?
  18. Good choice of van Chris.
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  19. You mean like this?
    Picked this up a few years ago after the bus was painted, but still haven't put it on..I'll see if I can look up where I got it from..
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