My 73 resto called jennie

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  1. photo 3-1.JPG photo 3-1.JPG Hi all, had this bus for about a year now and started my resto, as usual the bottom 6" is rotten so a few photos for now
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    Good luck!

    Keep posting the pics, the rustier the better :D
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    Good luck with it, persevere with it & it'll be worth it in the long run :thumbsup:
  4. Good luck. Lots of pics please!
  5. Thanks for messages been working on my van for about a year, as I dont have a garage iv been moving the van around to different locations, the next lot of photos arent in any particular order. photo 4-1.JPG photo 4-1.JPG photo 2-2.JPG
  6. After looking at the rot in the front wheel arch and tub decided to replace both sides so a couple of photos photo 2-8.JPG photo 1-8.JPG
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    nice work, keep it up!
  8. Lots of work ahead but lots of amazing times also!!!
  9. Good luck fella!
  10. Thanks 10170[/ATTACH] photo 3-20.JPG for messages, have taken the belly pans and belly floors off to reveal the rust on the sills, having cut out the 3 cills on the drivers side finally managed to get the inner and middle sill in place.

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    Excellent, another ugly duckling to beautiful swan resto thread.
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    Oh yeah, why's it called Jennie?
  14. The rust has started to work its way up the side panel so cut this out ready for a big outer sill and side. The rear corners have been bodged by PO so will be cutting these out next as well
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  15. Hi sandy bay thanks for message named it after my grandma who was a influence in my life!!!
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    Was she rusty then or did she drink petrol?
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