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  1. And yet we all look so effortlessly glamorous in the freezing wind after sooooooo little sleep for days! :D :D
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  2. Was that your sister erm only I have seen the many disguises of @Ermintrude :D feet in sand and many more :eek:
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  3. :oops:
    In my defence your honour:
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  4. I understand that the defence rests.

    You should understand that the prosecution objects!!!
  5. Looks like a good fit

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  6. Merlin Cat

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    Thanks it is. A trip to Bristol at some stage is even more enticing now that I think we are the same clothes size :). Lock up your wardrobe!
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  7. if you'd seen my wardrobe you'd realise how ridiculous that statement is.

    You're both very welcome to visit though. We'll have to sort a weekend in the summer and go exploring the pubs around the harbour

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  8. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Oh! :oops: Though if it’s like mine it’s mainly gig t shirts, work clothes and clothes I’m now too fat for!! :) Harbour pubs sound fab!
    Ps sarah watched the London marathon on tv whilst I was driving home and had applied to do it next year!!!

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