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  1. Not sure what to say. Just needed to share this. Fantastic. [​IMG]

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  2. Poptop2

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    Your round?
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  3. Is that a scene from porridge?

    Fletcher and Godber?
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  4. Was the lure of the cheapo pork scratching enuff to tempt si one wonders ?
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  5. Who is holding who up?
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  6. "what's happened to your Carling Si ... Looks more like a phone now someone sat on it"
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  7. "if I press this will she deflate even more do you think?"
  8. "it were this big I tell yer"
  9. @MorkC68 one for the album .... Latest TLB courier vehicle :thumbsup:
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  10. "I know I said I was leaving but I'm a plumber for goodness sake ... Just one more cuppa before I go"
  11. "oi! You lot! Quit tidying up round my van!"
  12. New TLB tradition as of this weekend ... Leave a spare chair behind for those poor so and so's from SSVC here next week ........
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  13. A force to be reckoned with I’d say :)
  14. I see you are still looking after my van for me :)
    I’m glad you all had a great time
    as well :thumbsup:
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  15. "Awning after the night before"
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  16. That’s not Si!
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  17. That’s colin peeee:D
  18. Ooops! There's me going "har har" to myself. Losing mi grip .... He had his hoodie up the rest of the time so I "read" the blue one as this one ..... :rolleyes:
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  19. I don't know who should be more offended: Si coz he is at least 10 years younger, or me coz he was hung over to lychee????

    It's me.

    I should be.

    I am.


  20. Merlin Cat

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    It did take me sometime!! :)

    Do you like my top @Beaver ? :)
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