Middlewood Farm, Fylingthorpe, Robin Hoods Bay

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  1. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Yes, I would Mark, definately recommend it, I think we may be going again this year :thumbsup:
  2. Nice one thanks Dazz. We're hopefully going a few days after Dent, via Appletreewick in Wharfedale, if all goes to plan!
  3. Be warned Appletreewick ain't what it was. Over crowded, over used and over priced. The farm sold it on a few years back. That is the opinion of an antisocial Yorkshire man though. When me and @Lardy went £25 per pitch per night. For an extra tenner could've got a decent BnB.
  4. I did read about the over crowding but we’re going early week. I will read some reviews on trip advisor rather than Facebooks reviews.

    Cheers for the heads up!
  5. Sandshill Farm is probably best placed site for Whitby...easy walk from site to Whitby or Sandsend....along beach if tide is out.
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  6. Is this the site known as Masons? Used to be nice spot by the river..
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  7. I would also recommend it. Far nicer and levelish walk into Robin Hoods Bay, than from Hooks House Farm.
  8. yes thats the one, looks really nice for a midweek break :)
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  9. Brilliant, thanks :D

    Middlewood Farm it is :hattip:
  10. Yes, that’s the one, was a nice site when we met up but @Pony is saying it’s not quite what it was apparently

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  11. The walk into RHB is a long footpaths through fields, great for the dog and brings you out in the village right next to the chippy[​IMG][​IMG]
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  12. Dazza said the same on saturday, RHB is somewhere we have yet to venture to, recommendations make it all the more worth while!

    Thanks for the pics, looks great :D
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  13. At up bud. It was quiet when we were there. Is still a nice site but can be busy .
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  14. We did stay at Middlewood Farm and despite it being a very nice campsite set in a nice, convenient spot, we was disappointed. When I booked, the only option available was a hardstanding pitch which had hook up, nothing in the family field available.
    Our pitch was set next to the toilets with no view at all other than a rather large hedge and when we asked if we could move, they only had a few pitches left, again with no views so we stayed put.

    lesson: book a family pitch early!

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