Middlewood Farm, Fylingthorpe, Robin Hoods Bay

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  1. Just got back from a couple of days camping here. £20 a night for 2 adults and 2 dogs. Small camp but tidy. Short walk across a field and through a wood and you come out at the bottom of the hill by the beach at Robin Hoods Bay. Scary midnight walk back through the wood after a few bevvies!! Steep road going down into the village and we were a bit worried that our 40 year old might not be able to make it back up. However, there is an alternative route, just in case!
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  2. Is this the one where you drive through a small ford to get to it , and very nice toilet block if i remember
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  3. One and the same. Very pretty village.
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  4. I,ve been trying to remember the name of this place for ages , glad you mentioned it
  5. We had a weekend here at the beginning of June. Nice little campsite.
    For short stays they don't take bookings, but were able to advise on the phone how busy they expected to be.

    I agree with Bohoflo if your bus struggles with hills (either up or down) don't approach from the south!
    My brakes were red hot by the time we got down the hill!

    Approaching the place through the village it seems a bit weird. You get past the historic bit of the village and pass a load of more modern housing.

    Once there however it's a nice site. Staff were friendly and very helpful.
    Small touring field so be prepared to hear the kids play area.
    Very clean toilet blocks, decorated like granny's bath room, but who cares about the décor if it's this clean.
    Five min cut off on the showers! Which was fine for Noodle but Mlle didn't find it so great in the ladies.
    Lovely walk through the woods along their own footpath right into the centre of Robin Hoods Bay!
    Completely by chance, when we got there, there was a Folk Festival on. The place was rammed!
    Excellent atmosphere though, loads of people enjoying a drink and random acoustic musicians in and outside the pubs jamming away and enjoying a pint.:beer:
    Some great pubs and restaurants, but for the Smugglers and Bramblewick, which smelt good, you need to book, or no chance of a table!
    In the end the Bay Hotel did nice food and a decent range of local beers.

    Back at the site, if you don't fancy cooking they have The Great Griddler basically a very nice 'burger van' that does breakfast lunch and dinner.

    There's also a mobile shop that comes round, although we didn't work this out at first. It's a yellow van with 'MILK' emblazoned on the side, a flashing light and an old boy at the wheel! He sells a range of the usual campsite essentials including............milk :rolleyes:

    Only stayed one night on this occasion but would definitely go back.

    Forgot the camera and phone charger so no actual photos of the Campsite
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  6. Love Robin Hoods bay and have had about ten short stays at middlewood.
    This time stayed at hooks house farm at the top of the hill. Great views.
  7. Great little site, nobody's mentioned another plus point of it's close proximity to whitby :)
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  8. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Just booked three nights here in August - it does look good, just needs the weather to be kind to us now...
  9. Trenchers go for it..
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  10. Dazza

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    What's a trencher??

    Edit ---- Just googled it , looks good
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  11. Dazza

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    Been here a couple of days now...spot on campsite, but wet and blustery but that can't be helped..
    Everything you need is here , decent campsite , toilets , showers etc ...a 5 minute walk on a footpath through some fields will take straight to the heart of robin hoods bay.
    There's a catering van on site that serves very good quality food, it belongs to a local bakers and the bread , cakes, pies etc they make are beautiful, you can order a takeaway pizza from them delivered to your tent..we had some last night ..marvellous.
    Short walk to a pub / restaurant as well ..can't really find anything wrong really

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  12. Dazza

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    Went in ...great food but a lot of flies :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  13. So the turbot was humming.
  14. Dazza

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    God knows but there were a noticeable amount of flies
  15. had a week here last easter, very well located and plan to go back again.
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  16. Dazza

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    Got a phone call from the campsite whilst in Whitby... 'Your events shelter is showing signs of meeting you in Whitby, half a dozen blokes are holding it down :eek:
    We got back in time to save it and get it pegged back down in a fashion but it was well and truly destroyed ( first time out as well) but the wind was severe and these shelters aren't made for that sort of weather , we did seem to be in the most exposed part though - to the left just as you drive onto the camp site ..
    Will definitely be going back next year
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  17. Merlin Cat

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    Hi Dazza, we are looking for a camp site in couple of weeks not too far from Sheffield. We want to take fire pit, are you allowed one here please? Ought we leave our awnings at home?! :)
  18. Dazza

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    I don't know about fire pits to be honest , I didn't take ours , I know they make sure barbecues are off the ground, I doubt they'd let you to be honest but it might be worth a call?
    Your awning will be ok - ours was but the gazebo ( events shelter or whatever you want to call it) was the thing that suffered , on the subject of gazebos - they don't allow them unless they have sides ..

    Lovely site and location though, definitely reccomend it
  19. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Cheers. I like the look of it but think we may go closer to home now as intending fri and sat with friends and earliest we can leave after work is 6.30-7.
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  20. @Dazza

    would you recommend Middlewood Farm, we're thinking of going early July for a few days :)

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