May Bell 1977 Sportsmobile restoration.......

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  1. OK so we just got the bus back from the garage (Type 2 Detectives) so thought it was about time to start posting pictures of the resto.

    This is my first ever bus so I'm sure I will make mistakes along the way.....

    So this is May Bell, a LHD import from Nevada that was registered in the US in May 1977, when we first went to see her:


    She is a Sportsmobile conversion with (we're fairly confident of) a Country Homes Campers interior.

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  2. We knew there was going to be lots of things that needed work on, however, the good thing was that it is a solid base to work from.

    Those of you experienced with restoring VW baywindows will be able to spot one of the areas that was going to require a little focus from this picture:

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    Offside rear light lense?
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  5. More pics please:)
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    I aim to please
  7. I am busy uploading to photobucket as we speak @paradox
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  8. Strangely crumpled rear arches

  9. Random holes

  10. Dented front

  11. Cleaning back some of the under seal to show its solid, at least there anyway :)

  12. Engine would be useful!¬
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  13. Interior:

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  14. More interiors

  15. Proud owners :)

  16. First T-Cut

    Faded old on the right and new brightness on the left

  17. Now that's just being picky @Dicky

    Apparently the garage we bought her from imported 2 engines with it, with the plan of making one engine. However, apparently both were crap.
  18. Sos - looks pretty tidy!
  19. All cleaned up a bit. No idea what previous owners were thinking with the plastered on filler

  20. Not too much to do? Cosmetic and beating rather than panels. Whats occuring with the arches?

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