Major the Westies rebuild project

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by MorkC68, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. All good here mate, I keep an eye out for people I know, like yourself. I’m still working on Billy’s interior, it never seams to end.
  2. That’s good to hear, been rather unusual few months.

    Nope it doesn’t end, if one bus works the other tends to act up too. It keeps you on your toes :lol:
  3. Another busy few days with good progress.

    I posted the gearbox clean up elsewhere but I'll pop the photo's here:


    A while back I asked about the gear linkage fork, I ended up going for a genuine VW one from Schofields. The rubber pieces are spot on however, the metal frame is poor and the pin through the middle was the Marmitetiest piece of folded tinplate you have ever seen.
    One piece of 10mm diameter bar, machined down to give a nice fit, not tight but not rattly loose either, ends threaded..sorted.

    The starter motor was looking sorry for itself, that's been cleaned up, the contacts cleaned up shiny and a few coats of paint.

    One gearbox refitted and looking good :D

    Getting there!
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  4. Mark have a look at the CSP gearshift coupler. It uses a proper bolt and sleeve instead of the self tapper and folded tin method. About £25 but so much better. I got one for the bus now going to get another for the buggy.
  5. The original coupler hosing was in great condition, with new genuine rubber inserts and a substantial sleeve, we are sorted. The sleeve is silver steel which will be tough enough to withstand gearchanges but not too hard to wear the end of the gearchange rod away.

    Next time I'll look at one of those and see :D
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  6. Loving the colour combination, yellow, grey and black, super cool.

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  7. Another update.

    Cleaned the driveshafts up, degreased, wire brushed carefully, rubber boots inspected and all four are okay. New grease massaged in and refitted.

    I wasn't looking forward to doing them!

    All torqued up, just need the paint touching up as a bit of black had been missed.
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