Major the Westies rebuild project

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  1. I started with a brand new Bosch from VW heritage but it failed before I even drove the bus! They wouldn’t take it back because I’d bought it over a year ago. Instead they sold me an el cheapo Chinese one that had been verified working by their experts. I wasn’t impressed as I’ve literally spent thousands with them. I’m going to check the wiring etc and if that is sound I’ll just get the Bosch rebuilt by the fella @theBusmonkey recommended.
    Are you putting the FI engine back in when you’re finished painting?
  2. The cheeky bar stools!
    Its irrelevant that its over a year old as goods must be fit for purpose and satisfactory quality.
    An alternator should last for more than a year - no reasonable person would disagree (if they disagree ask them to put it in writing).
    If the alternator hasn't lasted for over a year (even without being fitted) then it isn't fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality. Therefore they must repair, replace, or refund.

    Just because you didn't fit them within the year warranty period, does not mean they can disregard the law of the land.

    Check it out

    Don't stand for it.

    Drop them an email for the attention of the compliance manager/whoever has responsibility for ensuring they meet their legal obligations.
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  3. thanks, I’m going to first confirm it’s not my skills or the wiring that’s at fault then I may well do what you say!
    Sorry for the thread hijack Mark!
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  4. I had a problem with my alternator that after replacing it I tracked down to having all the brackets powder coated which added a great deal of resistance to the earth path when it was running such that it didn't charge at all. The resistance with all switched off measured fine i.e. none. A simple lead (I found one in my glovebox that had been there all along :rolleyes:) direct to the adjusting bolt fixed it.
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  5. That’s a good point as all my tin is covered in lovely thick powder coat! Thanks Zedders!
  6. You never know, it's something to try at least. It cost me a new battery + alternator to find I needed a £3 lead that I already had. :oops:
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  7. Thanks Zedders - bound to be the case with me too.
  8. I mug myself sometimes. :rolleyes: Carefully fitting bolts and not allowing the heads to turn and damage the powdercoat, washers help to keep that finish nice. :) I bet yours is worse than mine if it is that. Mine put the light out, provided the voltage but no amps to speak of. The circuit tested fine until used in anger. For an electrical numpty like me it was baffling but I'd made my alternator from 2 or 3 broken ones so that was always suspect. 2mm grooves in the copper ring and something had yanked at the windings twisting odd wires around the shaft...but it measured up ok. One day I'll take it apart again and photo for amusement, you wouldn't believe it worked. Wasn't until I replaced it that I found the problem was elsewhere.
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  9. The Bosch one we rebuilt was an old one Mick gave us. We got bearings and brushes from a chap down Derby, cleaned everything carefully and it’s been fine since.

    Now, with the motor, I’m hoping to have Matt (pkrboo) do his magic with a Subaru motor, however I’ve been on furlough with 80% salary so I’ve got to rebuild my funds slightly. I’m due back in work later next week & if full salary is being paid then it’s game on later this summer :)
  10. What your going to rip the heart out of it:D:D
    What's wrong with the engine you have....put it up for sale..someone might be interested:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  11. There's nowt wrong with the type 4 I took out to be honest, needs a refresh (clean up, new injector seals and crank seals) and new heat exchangers and it would run really well.

    Im in no rush to sell it yet as plans to do NC500 have been put back a year, I have got interested parties in the motor but work will be the deciding factor in what direction I do go.

    This bloody virus has got a lot to answer to!

    Aside to that, I hope you & Wendy are both keeping well :D
  12. We are both fine thanks..still working but not as busy ho hum...
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  13. Well that was one huge mess turned out good in the end! Lots of wire brushing in nooks and crannies, grime, old underseal, mud etc, sorted!

    Chassis rails done

    Back sloping panel and under fuel tank panel & gearbox hanger

    Up and around the fuel tank & access lid & firewall
  14. Left hand wheel arch & battery tray

    Behind the rear light clusters
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  15. Looking good enough to eat your dinner off that!
  16. Cheers Jay, it took some doing but I got there! Eating your dinner off it, I'll ask Michelle see if she'll try it :D
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  17. Engine bay looks great- is the tin of Rustoleum Combi colour what you used to produce those results?
  18. Yes it sure is, brushed on straight from the tin. Ive sprayed the interior with the Combi Colour aerosol's and got great results!
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  19. Top job that, looks great, setting a high standard there Mark

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  20. Cheers Byron, it’s getting there! Could be better in places but overall it’ll be fine.

    Hope you are keeping well, it’s been a while!

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