Lowered bus.....horrendous bump steer!

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  1. Do they look like they,ve been hitting the chassis? Are these forged spindles or flipped ball joint ones? It's the flipped ones that fit from under, forged don't.
  2. I have the same set up as you. The camber and caster on mine is well out on the near side and the tracking is also out, doesn't drive in a straight line but no bump steer...

    No help really.
  3. I believe they are flipped ones. They are from t2d! Well I think I have made a rather silly mistake haven't I! Would explain the bump steer tho........cheers!!
  4. All this trouble with lowering and trying to correct the consequences. Why bother?
  5. Why not? It's just a bit of fun. I've had similar spindles and on good roads it drove extremely well. Not for everyone though. :)
    I will say it was a long road to getting it right, not quite as bolt on as sellers like to suggest.
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  6. Ok each to his own. Saw some well lowered vans and beetles at volksworld, but not for me. My van is lowered a fair bit and I don't like the hard ride and I am on my way to putting it back to stock.
  7. I've had it this low before but with no suspension, I've made an error here but once done I can tell u the ride is just as good as stock and I think it looks good........I also painted it poo brown so what dose that tell ya!!!
  8. I can't agree that the ride is as good as stock but the handling is better.
  9. And I agree with you, for my vans. I put mine back to stock after a year or two because I wanted to be able to go faster where the roads aren't so good. If I hadn't had to drive regularly on subsiding fen roads I imagine the times being lowered was a problem wouldn't have bothered me. I did also crack my bonce getting in through the sliding door quite often.
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  10. I noticed after I lost the antiroll bar at the front that the antiroll bar had been flicking the bus from side to side if you drove it fast on an uneven bumpy road.
    And smacking the top of the camber on some narrow roads in the New Forest in a nasty way.
    After fitting coilovers the twitchy twisting went away in return for a harder ride, which is what is required to get the nose to come up on bumps with shorter suspension travel if you dont want rubbing.
    You need stiffer springs or non linear springs AKA bump stops to lift the body away from the wheels.
  11. Was in there yesterday and @zedders was right I hadn't turned the track rod ends over and this meant having funny angles on the track rods causing the bump steer. It also meant my track rods was hitting the chassis legs :eek: got it all swapped over yesterday and Gona take it out for a spin today.......quite excited
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  12. Er *cough*, think that was me. ;)
  13. my bad!! Cheers dude
  14. I'm thinking you've cracked it - tie rods hitting the chassis definitely going to cause weird steering issues!
  15. The ford pop they did on wheeler dealers had a similar issue...Ed China explained the issue really well.
  16. Yeah I also think I was running the risk of over articulating the ball joints too, lucky I haven't snapped them!
  17. So just been out and it's perfect whoop whoop! Also found the ball joints on the drop link where tight so freed them off but will need replacing. Which are best cos this one is only about 4 years old. The boots just don't last.
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