London to Birmingham in a nano second

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    here you are
    I stand corrected
    Make that an ikea then:)
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    After a financial crisis you either have big infrastructure spending, or a war.

    I'd prefer this to a war.

    As for who will use it - I doubt business would bother - they use Skype and Video conferencing. Civil servants on the other hand love a jolly.

    Its without doubt necessary for us to have increased capacity on the rail network - it will enable us to move more trucks off the road for a start and if we can start putting smaller services in to extra urban areas (i.e. undo some of Beeching's work) with efficient trains then more's the better.

    What isn't needed is Ultra High Speed rail - which demands very different things in terms of routing of track etc as slower trains can turn more compactly.

    As someone that spent a good 20 ish years travelling in to that London each week, and often up to Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester - a reliable, clean service where you can get a seat (rather than be herded like cattle) that is 30 mins slower would get my vote everyday - if it has wifi and a table then I can work from there anyway.

    As for taxes paying for stuff - all of us have exceptions to what we take from the pot, this shouldn't be about that else why should I pay for schools, higher education, reservoirs anywhere other than where I live etc. etc. etc.

    Taxes can't on major in country spend can't be viewed in such an insular way.
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  4. A colleague and friend of mine put the business cast together for HS2 back in about 2009. A few years ago I asked him whether the case was still strong enough to build it - he said what he’d learned through the whole process was that it doesn’t matter how good the case is, it’s just “a matter of whether the politicians want to build it”.
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  5. I think he gave the go ahead to try and prove
    to the voters in the usually most unlikely Tory voting places
    think that the Tory machine Really cares about them
    well you got me what I wanted
    And I gave you a train set in return :)
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  6. Be good if they use it to train kids as engineers, and do to complicated train stuff , instead of buying in cheap labour from elsewhere and leaving the locals to take spice and compare haircuts. Then it’s money well spent.

    but it should go to the liverpool .. .I mean what is this country if it’s not the longest land jetty from Eurasia, to the New world and beyond via the ocean currents of the North Atlantic?
  7. I think the Channel tunnel was drilled through soft rock but the rock under St George's channel is very hard. I'm not a geologist so may be wrong.
  8. The Germans built their ICE rail system from scratch it runs alongside regional and uses the same stations.
    Go to Wurzburg and see the bridge over the Mainz and tunnels through the hills.
    I believe HS2 build was too far advanced to stop it and I would rather stick 100 billion into it than stick another 450 billion propping up a worthless fat cat banker.
    It's about time we invested in this country again
  9. The rail network is way out of track in the hope of taking trucks off the road many well established and still are being constructed big company warehouse dispatch units ....Morrisons argos ..countless others of major importance which are all constructed extremely close to road network .

    It's sadly to late for it to be reversed to rail . The versatility of the truck as to it's delivery's is impressive .
    A delivery required to say Wick in Scotland from Brum could be undertaken in a jiffy by truck ...don't think maybe you can actually get there by train anymore ...certainly not j o groat's .
    Bulk materials a different matter ...a slow but sure constant supply by train has an advantage where speed is of no essence .
    Having said that short distance can be an issue as i remember hauling coal from derbyshire pits to local power stations was still delivered by truck even when there was a rail link to it .

    I am far from being anti rail to truck . part of me would prefer to see money spent on the old rail links from beeching's cuts rather than ALL spent on one A to B .
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