London to Birmingham in a nano second

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  1. Hopefully, as part of the value engineering exercise, they'll run Pacer trains along the route.

    London to Birmingham in a bone-shaking, deafening 6 hours.
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  2. It’s alright Nipper it’s not going nowhere near wales or the new forest
    We just got to pay for it
    :) And you should be grateful
    There’s a railway line going somewhere you don’t want go to:)
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  3. In all honesty I would spend it on renewables I'm not a hippy but being energy independent will be a huge gain in the next 30 years
  4. Terrordales

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    Why would anyone in their right mind want to get to London or Birmingham quickly?
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  5. Apparently it would add a hour and twenty minutes at least to my journey to London as I would have to travel to Leeds first to then get a train to London as trains would no longer run from my city to London . Madness
  6. I think it’s a good thing, as the current network is full. All the opposition talk of spending the money upgrading the current routes is misguided, as capacity has already been maxed out over the last 20 years with rolling stock/signalling/electrical supply/ and overheads upgrades. There’s only soo many trains you can run on the lines at a time.

    I’m expecting to be working on it at some point where it interfaces with Euston,
    * and most likely towards the end when it’s behind schedule and it’ll all be on overtime!
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  7. Labour must be happy because Boris has approved their planned rail link to the north

    Waste of money if you ask me :(
  8. You're mising the point. By the time it opens, the North will be the epicentre of British industry with the Lords and Parliament in Leeds. Those poor buggers will need a high speed rail link to get them back to their posh London clubs asap!
  9. And what about building a bridge to Northern Ireland? £22 billion at first estimate:eek: Why would ya?
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  10. I wonder why they don't tunnel over?
  11. PIE


    Leave it for a few years and Scotland will be independant and In the EU and Ireland will be unified and in the EU,, then the EU can pay for it,,, or not.
  12. Maybe it’s more for getting away quickly :thinking:
  13. Indeed !
    I suppose the criminal element would make good use of it
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    If you need to get to Birmingham in a rush just leave earlier.Or get the Birmingham bunch to stay in bed twenty minutes longer ,in fact put the clocks in Birmingham back half an hour .

    Job done and look at the money I've saved
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  15. How about a tunnel or bridge to the Isle of Wight while Bojo has the National cheque book open
    The property prices would rise and do away with the ferries
    Then they could have a Waitrose as well
  16. There is a Waitrose in East Cowes. At least there was. Not sure if it’s still there.

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  18. Is happening again where is my picture?

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  19. So it couldn't have been shelved in the 10years that have past, austerity and all that. :thinking:
  20. This government funded project would create thousands of jobs for many years which has to be a good thing and give job opportunities for young engineers. We need more engineering skills after all. The contractors and sub contractors would not need to worry about cash flow or need to see a profit, its going to be funded by a bottomless pit of money, us.
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