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  1. There for a few days in the week in November. Any must sees? Went a couple of years ago for some training but only one night. Couple of beers and bed (I sh1t you not someone actually nicked the bed from my room but that’s another story).
    Not spent any time there really for very many years!
  2. We, as in my good self, Michelle, @lowie and Tina went for a weekend a few years back, we had a blast of a weekend & loved The Cavern Club, not that I can remember much that is :eek:

    We did however visit the Titanic Museum and also the British Music Experience, both brilliant.

    Thats about all I can mention aside to the friendliness of the folk, even the guy who tried hitting on Michelle and Tina while Ste and I had histerics at his cheek :D
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  3. The Alloy Wheel museum is worth a visit :thumbsup:
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    It’s the only city I’ve been to where you can have a great night going out on your own. Although they’ll have the wheels off of your motor (obviously), they’ll also go out of their way to make sure you have a great time!
  5. Plus 1 for The British Music Experience , Sanskruti restaurant for amazing Indian veggie/vegan food (try the pani puri :thumbsup:), some other good eateries on Lark Lane, not been in a few years but the Baltic Fleet had good beer. The beach at Crosby to see the Antony Gormley statues. Great place to just walk around.
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  6. Take yourself to the central library on William brown st and head to the picton reading room. Once your jaw is off the floor, there’s a great roof terrace there on the top (5th?) floor. Nice views. And the Walker next door. I believe the Atlantic war rooms are good (never been) if you like a ‘during the wa-war’ vibe. The Anglican cathedral is literally awesome, you can walk to the top. While you are there, Hope St area is really nice - studenty but well-heeled - you can go see the listed gents bogs in the philharmonic pub. If you want something a bit more earthy, you’ll generally struggle in the city centre but London Rd should tick that box. Take your skateboard to the pier head, walk through the India buildings, try Oh Me, Oh My for food and, after ‘a few’ marvel at Queen Victoria’s enormous phallus outside the crown court:thumbsup:
  7. Oh yes. That reading room is fantastic :thumbsup:
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  8. The Beatles Story of course. And we enjoyed the Beatles bus tour. But it all depends on your age. Although my daughter & grandson enjoyed both.
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  9. I love the Beatles. Never been yet, but couldn’t resist Penny Lane and Beatles Museum and see a gig in The Cavern
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  10. You do know it isn’t the original Cavern?
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  11. Yeh, I have some recollection of that. Isn’t is across the alley from the original?! Pits really

    I read the Pete Best Storey and the Hunter Davis biography and playing all those songs make me feel as if I’ve been there. One day I will
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  12. Mrs Tatti bought me the mini bus tour where you get to go in John and Paul’s childhood homes. Well worth it if you love the Beatles. Paul’s house was fantastic, John’s was too but I found his house almost overwhelming…. hard to describe it really.
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  13. You could visit the board game museum......
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  15. Don't forget to spend a penny if you do go to the pub above...well worth it!
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  16. Wow, might pencil that one in :thumbsup:
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  17. It's impressive...
    Great is lasted..

    From what I remember,

    There is a sub station for the underground where the original cavern was..
    The current cavern is a few doors along and is apparently,
    much the same as the original..
    Well worth a look..

    A great place to see a Beatles tribute act..
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  18. Yes it is, and they charge you a fiver to go down and have a look. Apparently, they knocked the first one down before anyone realised that it would be a tourist attraction. They were going to try to rebuild it, but the demolition men had made too good a job. At least that’s what our bus guide told us.
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  20. Be aware of the ferry crossing the Mersey . More specific the rip off cost for the Mersey cruise compared to the cost to just cross the river. its approximately four pounds to cross the river , but twelve pounds on the cruise . BUT ITS EXACTLY THE SAME BOAT AND SAME TRIP SAME COMMENTRY . dont buy a cruise ticket , its a rip off just buy the crossing ticket thats a return ticket anyway.
    Regarding the coach trips to tour the city . We used the open top double decker busses , negotiated a twenty pound discount for five tickets (paid about 12.5 each)and was a brilliant two and half hour tour highly recommended. , Better than you would imagine . The tour guide played a guitar and sang songs if that helps identify them . Bought them on Albert docks
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