License Plates from VW Shows etc

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  1. anyone got a link to a decent ebay seller selling decent black & silver plates? cheers
  2. I thought you had to produce a V5 before they were allowed to sell you reg. plates these days.
    At least that's what the online-survey-please-please-give-us-9-out-of-10 Halfords person tells me.
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    We can't issue a licence plate without a V5 and 2 utility bills but the joke is you can buy any plate from a show or online. The issuing company must put its name on the bottom. Anything without this and the plates are deemed "off road or show plates". The way around however is to say they came with the car. Job done.
  4. My spare wheel bracket has been placed to low so my number plate is pretty much covered and you can't see it. Rather than moving the spare wheel bracket And opening more holes for rusting I'm thinking of maybe buying a square number plate or moving the normal plate to the side would it have to be on the left or right hand side??
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    Have a magnetic one made up.
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  6. I bought a set at BugJam this year.....within a week 3 of the letters had fallen out....obviously pressed too hard lol
  7. My bus came with American style number plates that must have been fitted by the previous owner and it passed its mot just recently....mot tester said he could find nothing anywhere to say if they were legal or otherwise so bus passed:).....he even commented on them saying they looked cool and were in keeping with the history of the bus as it came from California.
  8. I got mine off eBay they're still going strong after 2 years.

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