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  1. I bought a set of Black and White plates for £20 at one of the VW shows. Im sure they are pretty much all the same. These plates were pressed - a process where the letters make indents in the metal and then the paint is removed on the top to reveal the letter.

    At first glance they looked ok, a bit rough around the edges but I thought that would add to the retro look.

    Fitting - Do not even think about drilling these plates. They are shockingly thin, so much so they started to warp just by the heat of the drill bit. I would of been better using a hole punch. The paint also came away on them (even though I drilled from behind) and they looked rough (was a brand new decent drill bit too). Also you can scratch these just by looking at them. Those with long nails should stay away. A stone chip would disentigrate these plates. They may be ok by sticking them on but I wouldnt know as I had to put mine in the bin.

    End Result. If your looking for longevity, dont bother with these plates, fork out extra and dont get suckered in with the While you wait 2 for £20 carnival appeal of the shows.

    3/10 Some one lend me £20?
  2. I got some off eBay - which were £15 for two and are brilliant ....

    Michael - surely you should not be putting black / silver plates on your VW ;)
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    mot cant fail you for black and silvers, only plod, good call binning them, black and silvers are marmite anyway
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    Ask me how I know.
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    ok i'll rephrase.... my mot man said " i don't give a crap what colour they are that's plods job as long as i can read them it's ok "
  8. The yellow plates were introduced in the 60's so I'm pretty sure most late bays will have had them anyway despite the law not being changed until 73.
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    "your" mot man might......
    as i said my chap don't give a fig unless there is no plate or it's mis spaced etc, he told me it's his job to see they are readable and don't care if they are black or white/yellow
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    Dodgy? gone are the days i can get hooky mot's thanks to the stupid new system (used to be able to ring up for one) there's a difference between dodgy and picky for the sake of it, i like realistic testers - you know, the ones who know you'll put your dodgy plates back on 5 minutes after you get home...........
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  15. Black & silver plates, and free road fund licence. They go hand in hand, whats not to like . ;) ;)
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  18. most of these testers nowadays are jobs worths that good or bad ? good in a way ,safer cars n buses on the road n all that .........but in the real world ..failing a mot for wrong number plate colour is bit of a wee-take in my book
    .....i work on loads of cars and when you take a look under the bonnet ,christ almighty cable ties everywhere and other fire hazards but they pass....mental world with stupid rules sumtimes but hey its england after all ...weve always had mad rules and laws.....if you want a dodgy tester -head for a kwik fit ..low wages =dodgy testers...i ahd a brillant mot man ,was spot mech and vw friendly but the sodding olympics bought his place on one of them compulsory purchase orders then gave the land to tesco,s to build a tesco village ......good old goverment
  20. loool rich sarf of the water bruv ...esp peck-nam

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