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  1. Another vote for this lot. Paperwork was a ball ache, but it was pretty painless and we got £2k after their 10%! Mental, considering I worked for the bank that we got money from for periods of time that I supposedly had ppi!
  2. But do the bank or who ever not know that . I took out a critical illness insurance on a mortgage and it turns out they wouldn’t have paid out coz I was self employed but they knew that when they took my money . They know when you wipe your backside these days . Why should they be allowed to keep this money or even to give it away , it’s not theirs according to them :confused:
  3. You are legitimately due a refund...but your average working man / woman who took a loan or mortgage did need it .
    If the Banks could be bothered, they could work out who had a genuine right to a refund, but they have just set aside a load of cash to refund anyone who claims...they write off the losses, the shareholders ( probably pension companies) and customers will ultimately pay.
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  4. Thanks for replying but I would have needed it as no one was going to pay my wages but they should have known I wouldn’t get anything anyway .I understand you’ve been in banking etc and yes my pension funds have suffered too . And I’m ordinary :D
  5. I hated selling PPI, many needed it, but the Banks got greedy and tried to give it everone.
    It's a touchy subject with me, cos I refused to miss sell and got demoted and eventually it was suggested that I take "voluntary " redundancy.
    But it does also wind me up that people are taking advantage of the situation , like it's a right. Bit like people nicking stuff from shops when the lights fail....cos everyone is doing it.
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  6. Where there’s blame, there’s a claim!
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  7. Just checked their website and they’re not taking on new claims.

    Heard on the news that NatWest website had crashed earlier in the day due to demand as well!

    Why leave it to the last minute? And what are the local radio stations going to do for advertising revenue once the deadline passes?!
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  8. Terrordales

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    I'll pick up my coat on my way out.

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  9. I often used to read the small print of those PPI offerings, worked out that the likelihood of making a succesful claim was basically zero so always declined it. .. you had to suffer a sudden serious illness which was not a degenerative one seemed to be the only way to get payment.

    At the time both my wife and I were working for an employer on the same salary, and where we would get 3 months salary at least if we were made redundant.
  10. Be interesting to know how many genuine PPI claimants actually got their claim paid out.
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  11. Ge
    Genuine claims are from the self employed who weren't eligible and those who got it without being aware they had signed up for it.
    They should have had prompt refund.

    I wonder how many knew they had it but then claimed ignorance to get a refund?
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  12. Thanks for your message ,sorry didn’t know you was on your hols , looks like I’ve missed the boat but that’s normal fa me , have a goodun :thumbsup:
  13. I tried from Hafilax and I know I've had it years ago but their records only go back so many years apparently so it was a no go.
  14. REEEEEEESULT, thanks to reclaimer. Drinks are on me.
  15. Did they shower you in champerrrrz then :confused:
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  16. Cheers. I'll have a pint of Remy Martin, please :thumbsup:
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  17. I used to read the Terms and Conditions, worked out they really wouldn't pay out before I got another job in electronics or software. And my employer at the time had such good sickness benefits that it would have paid off the loans that I took out..
    So I never took it out as it looked like a scam.

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