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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Merlin Cat, Aug 28, 2019.

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    as I’m always on about a million things at once and top procrastinator I’ve not got round to seeing if I’m owed anything.

    However, I may as well try. Has anyone used a no win no claim person please?

    Thanks x
  2. I used Allays a few months back and got a nice payout from Barclays :D
  3. Yep. I got a couple of hundred pounds.
  4. But don’t go to an agency.
    “If you paid PPI you do not need to go to a claims firm to get redress. It will charge you up to 40% of your claim. Use these free services instead or or Only if you are turned down by Ombudsman consider court”
  5. We got £2500 back,4 years ago on a mortgage we took out in 1992. I bought me shed with it and went on holiday.(the shed stayed at home)...
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  6. Just do it !

    As an ex bank worker, I'm sick of the whole thing, but you may as well jump on the gravy train.

    But do it NOW !
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  7. I was refused by Halifax!! The only person in the history of the PPI saga to not get anything.....! It's with the ombudsman as we speak, I am not confident! :(
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  8. You may not be owed anything ;)
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  9. Amazingly, today I heard from a Nigerian prince who reckons he's got $5,000,000 owing to me. All I have to do is supply my bank details and passwords, and it's mine! Wow!
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  10. I use Gladstone they got me £5.40 and out of the goodness of their heart didn't take their 20% fee
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  11. Don’t blow it all at once!
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    Don't believe it, that's just @Barry Haynes trying to pull a swifty.
    He's about as much a Nigerian prince as I'm a Chelsea supporter.
    Trust me, I sleep with a doctor.

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  13. Dear Don
    Did you receive the Chelsea shirt you ordered?
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    No, some thieving scrote from South London stole it.
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  15. Resolver website will let you do it all online for free.

    Click on all the banks / financial institutions you have ever dealt with (one by one) and fill-in the ppi questionnaire/form.

    You can always provide account details /past addresses later if you don't have them to hand.
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  16. I have used Resolver to escalate my claim to the ombudsman. Mrs ST finally did it last night..... so we wait & see!
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    They take 10%
    Got me ppi from Barclays
  18. We didn't get anything either! Any amount you get back is relative to any loans you have had or the size of your credit card bills and as we have only ever had the occasional small loans and very modest credit card balances we got precisely nowt. A mate of ours got nearly £10k back which sounded impressive until he told us about his previous loan history...…...
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  19. What I don’t understand is if they know who they ow the money too ,why don’t they bludee give it too um , you didn’t have to do anything when they’ve been taking it all these years did ya . Crooks thelot of um . I havnt tried to claim because it’s a scam to check out your whole financial business and make out they are giving you something . If they can tell you you they don’t ow you anything they must know who they do :mad:
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  20. Not that clear cut, many people would have wanted the cover ( how else do you repay a debt if you come out of work?)
    People have applied for a refund even if the have claimed....I recall such a post on here.
    It's a bit like having car insurance and because at some point it's decided it's not compulsory, we all apply for refunds.

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