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Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by DUBious, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Had these in my bus when I got it, and to be honest, it felt and looked a little cheap n nasty to me...just too plasticcy, (if that's how you spell it)..

    So after the refurb, I had to have one of these...still very practical, holds lots and looks so much better, IMHO..

  2. They're nice and yours looks great but I still think the JK one looks better, in so far as the JK looks like a real VW optional extra, more in-keeping with the rest of the bus.
  3. I'm half way through fitting the bamboo undertray. Quite straight forward. But I found the brackets that came with it are a bit lacking (too thin and bendy)
  4. It would look nice in a Karmen Ghia but in a bay the JK one matched the dash & it rocks. :)
  5. Still looks and feels 'cheap n plasticcy' though ;)
  6. Birdy

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    You are right Spongebob. The black plastic tray is awfully cheap looking. At least with the bamboo ones you don't need to remove the handbrake and I think they look good. Most of the VW range have something wicker made for them so why not the bus.
  7. Thought about the bamboo one but it is a triumph of form over function. Most of my c**p would fall through the holes!
  8. Good review, I've seen these and thought it was a great idea. I'm kinda with spongebob on this one though actually...
  9. When will you be getting your beaded seat cover, driving gloves, tweed jacket and pre '72 prototype to go with it?
  10. bernjb56

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    I'm torn between the 2 myself - like the idea - like the idea of the black plastic.

    Don't like the cheap plastic look - may have to go bamboo or not at all :-
  11. rickyrooo1

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    i just place all my items in the between seat cubby box :)
  12. i chuck everything i need on a journey on the top of the dash :)
  13. I have this one, made by the legendary Mike Howells (where are they now? )

  15. Is there any drilling of the body work involved in the fitting of these storage shelves?
  17. also - i never removed my gear knob - i just cut the bottom half of the holder so i could twist it on ...

    this shelf is very useful but over priced ...
  18. [​IMG]

  19. Just fitted some of these and they were more of a pain than I expected. Getting the split pin out to remove the handbrake handle wasn't happening so a tiny bit of hacksaw work was needed. The instructions explained how to do this so I can't be alone in needing to do this. Just as well I had the saw out as I then needed to cut out the plastic on the left hand shelf to allow it to go round the wiring/fuse box. I then needed to fanny about cutting a hole for the hand brake warning light switch (not mentioned in the instructions).

    The shelves look nice now they are in but don't strike me as that strong. Also having to do all the drilling/cutting was a pain.

    I am thinking 6/10 which will rise if a year from now they are still intact and carrying stuff and drop if I end up picking stuff from under my feet whilst driving if they collapse.

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