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  1. http://www.justkampers.com/shop/under-dash-tray-j12411.html
    There has been many discussions of the JK products in the past, and these were discussed at length, primarly due to the cost, @ £43 (now £44)they are not cheap, they are made using the Vacforming process using approx 3mm ABS plastic.
    They arrive in partial kit form and are well packaged, in the kit are the main 3 plastic parts and the associated screws and a quite poorly printed instruction page (it does the job though as its not rocket science)
    Basically, you need to remove a few screws under the dash and also the hand brake handle, this was the hardest part for me, it's held in using a split cotter pin that needs to be hit out downwards, this is NOT mention in the JK instruction, they just state "remove" the handbrake handle......easier said than done.
    All in all though, it took only 1 hour ish to fit these, and they are reasonable, they do seem to scratch / tranish quite easily though and are not meant for heavy objects, I do liek the fact that they have multiple storage areas though. Here is a pic of mine fitted.
    I am scoring this 8/10 overall
    Would I buy it again ? Yes, the reason being, there is very little else available in the market place to do this job
  2. Mine's been fitted now for 3 years & I'm glad I bought it.
  3. I believe I gave it 3/5 in my original review ...
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    Good review, I agree with the points made :)
  6. Hi DUBious, i like the mat you've got in your cab, where did you get that from?
    I'm thinking i need some sort of extra storage, and that shelf looks like it might do the job.
  7. I'll be getting some of these. Like DUBious said, there's nothing else on the market.
  8. Good write up DUB, i think i'll be getting a set of them too.
  9. I'm reading all these write ups about great things to attach to a camper. I'm just going gave to get myself a camper to attach them all to.
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  11. i want one of these now, looks really useful with cupholders, no more scalded bits from spilling costa!
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    Brmmmmmmm brmmmmmmm (now in forth)
  15. Sccccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuunch.... (missed the shift down for the corner) Guess that's a noise I'll hear lots of
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  16. Beep beep get a move on
  17. like the way they look like they could have been 'factory' and not an add on.
  19. Ive got one of those trays its brilliant at collecting the water that leaks through my winscreen seal
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