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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RM92, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Seems the rain/weather dampness doesn’t like 40 year old vws or their repro parts upt there para
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  2. I have just ordered 100m from Mountfield and will bee selling it soon :)
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  3. Hanging’s the only language they understand...
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  4. The solution is to fit Gates Barricade hose .. they even go the large size at tank ... modern cars use mainly plastic or PTFE lines
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  5. ^this. Or nylon.
  6. Bad day, Sarah ;)?
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  7. Jivester has loads of PTFE :thumbsup:
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  8. Moons

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    I'd nominate incandescent but appreciate context is everything :oops:
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  9. Trust you to mention nylons
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  10. It's Friday night.....................he's got them on no doubt!
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  11. Oi. Baz and I are going clubbing later...
  12. The way you said that almost sounds as if you expected us to be surprised! o_O
  13. davidoft

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    I will be :)
  14. It's nothing serious. We just have a few Bacardis and dance around our handbags...
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  15. :rolleyes:
  16. I feel confident ,Being in Germany , that if I don’t understand what words it says on the part I know it’s of good quality and can be trusted .It’s my own kind I do not trust, My hoses have been on for five years and there are as soft as a babies ass
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  17. Again .? That’s getting boring...
  18. :thumbsup:
  19. Nowt wrong with that
    It’s got to be better than standing on the corner of the dance floor and holding all the women’s handbags
  20. Woss that stuff then? And does it work as a fuel line connector?

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