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  1. 2 years old. Graded R9 fuel hose. And this is the state it’s in![​IMG]

    Today changing over to the “fit and forget fuel hose from VW AIRCOOLED WORKS, so we shall see if it holds up to the 25 year guarantee....

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  2. That is shocking - is it the same all the way through or just the end that's been crimped by the clip.
  3. [​IMG]

    Nope! This one started at the end and it’s creeped all the way along! Bloody scary!

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  4. seems to be a lot of ruber hoses failing
  5. Does this happen to the hoses in our modern cars ad well?
  6. @cunny

    Another example of the same bus. 2 year old legit hose.


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  7. No as modern cars are fitted with what I’ve fitted today. 100% bio and ethanol resistant hose.

    Even with fuel sat in lines during winter months it’s still guaranteed for 25 years! As stated in the specs of the hose.

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  8. These were on my van for about a year and have never seen a drop of fuel.


    I’m surprised a lot more vans haven’t gone up in flames
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  9. I
    do like a pair of sambas me
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  10. For the tank hose I wonder if the samco type hoses fair any better? We do need a solution to this problem.

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  11. :thumbsup:

    a fuel hose 6s.jpg
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    I'd take that up with trading standards ,it's an absolute disgrace
  13. ...writes Outraged Of Cheshire ;)
  14. this has just reminded me that i had a dream my bus was leaking fuel and caught fire! :eek:

    oh man... as if i haven't got enough to worry about! :oops:
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  15. What I don’t understand is my lawnmower fuel hose has been fine for years and that’s left for several months with fuel sat in it.
  16. @davidoft - you free to have a look at changing mine at some point :thumbsup:
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  17. As I have learned over the years, dreams never come true.
    They just get beaten and bashed and recede into the distance as you just get older, fading until you’re not sure you ever really had them and....... oh sorry got carried away there, nah you should be fine
    Change em anyway though just in case!!
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  18. hahahaha!
    i've had them checked and they're fine, i seem to have had a week of high anxiety dreams. too many b vitamins and worries. i obviously need to sit and drink in a field in the midlands soon!:beer:
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  19. Cheese you need cheese they become more interesting :D
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    Outraged doesn't even begin to cover it
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