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Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by Diddymen, Aug 29, 2011.

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    thanks Josh :)

    sent you a PM reply

    I'm using it indoors at the moment so not being waterproof isnt currently an issue

    ...........it was a pain in the winter with my windows out though :(
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  4. Hmm just got one of these so I hope it works out better for me. A little tip for anyone with a Westy though. Stick a couple of Balls in the luggage rack as it helps avoid the puddling of water.
  5. Our JK cover is now 2 years old and has leaked like sieve all year. It's even worse now - after it ripped while I was trying to adjust it last weekend. The outside was bone dry but the inside was completely stuck to the roof and sides of the van.

    I suppose you get what you pay for, though £100 a year sounds a little expensive to me.
  6. The old design was always flogging around in the wind and blowing off around the front bumper or rear bumper I bought mine Mid 2010 and by this autumn it was useless.
    Because it flapped so much the waterproofing failed and it just started raining inside it as well as outside. The only good it did was that it directed the rain down rather than letting it continue horizontally. When I first had it the water would pool in the roofrack and be a problem when you took the cover off....

    The new cover seems a lot better, the fabric is a bit thicker and the zips help access. The only problem is that the centreline strap sits straight on top of the oil drips on my engine and comes off wet with oil.

    I will be changing the oil cooler seals and doing the crankshaft oil seal in the next foew weeks so that problem should reduce.
  7. Mine was bought in 2006,and now i will have to get another as all the stitching that holds the zips on has rotted and it just rips when i try to use them.They are now held together with gorilla tape,but to be fair,it been outside in all weathers for pretty much 7 years...And apart from the odd bit of rust on a 41 year old van,its done its job and made me van last a bit longer...

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