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Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by Diddymen, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Diddymen

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    Really nice van cover

    fits well over a pop top

    nice straps to secure it under the van - side to side and front to back

    has zips so you can get into the doors (slider and cab) with out having to take the whole cover off

    Although not 100% water proof it is pretty weather resistant. The only place where water gets through is where water has puddled and seeped through the material (like on the top of the pop top). On the sides water will just run straight off and not penetrate.

    good value for money

    over all Id give it 9/10 :D
  2. Ihad 1 years ago real crap my van sweated underneath it and got rusty , keep an eye on it take it of to let yr van breath in and out .
  3. Same as above Dale, mine was damp inside too. It was always wet with condensation sadly. :mad:
  4. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    Thanks for thwe "heads up" guys :D I'll keep an eye on it ......I guess the winter will be the real test

    currently my bus hasnt got any windows in so it is certainly prooving its worth at the moment though
  5. Had mine a year now and wouldn't be without it. Not noticed any condensation problems but it certainly stops the puddles forming in the cab from the leaky door windows.
  6. Would it be best to leave a low power heater on underneath to keep my van moisture free?
  8. we've got one we use it in real bad weather was brilliant in the snow last year and stops ice on the windows, i tend to take it off every otherday or on a nice bright day to air it out 8)
  9. Found mine had condensation all the time so got a stir force cover instead. Fits just about ok as I think they are designed for a tin top but other than that rock solid. Twice the price of a jk cover but worth it - my 2c
  10. I have a JK cover.... seems ok. Not noticed any condensation.

    But as it does not completely seal the van... Only cover the sides and roof, you should expect airbourne water vapour to get trapped beneath it,.

    Take it off every couple of days and let the air dry things out....

    Plus, always protect your van by waxing and greasing bits before you cover it for long periods.
  11. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    I've had it since Aug now and I've come to the conclusion its crap :(

    I've got all my windows out at present - mid way through resto, so I have the cover on to keep out the bad weather.

    I've found when it rains, water soaks through the cover and runs into the gutters, then down the front and puddles in the bottom of the front screen opening :mad:

    its ok on the sides as the water does run off ......but still not happy with it for outdoor protection.

    I've now got a tarpaulin underneath it .....and water still gets in :mad: (think theres a hole in the tarp :()

    I suppose I could try spraying tent waterproofer over the cover, but the last thing I want is to use a silicon based spray anywhere near it prior to painting.

    I think it would make a great indoor cover but thats about it!
  12. Nightmare Dale. I'm think we should find a big lock up to fit a couple of vans in???
  13. Better than nothing and fine when its coming off regularly but long term use I covered the old gal in towels first and swapped them everyso often. She fits in the garage now but if I ever had to buy another it wouldn't be a JK one
  14. Josh_JK

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    You've got a PM Dale, hopefully we can sort this out for you :)

  15. Also have one, and have noticed the condensation issues mentioned above.
    So much so, that I didn't use it last winter, and the van seemed to fare much better left open to the elements...
  16. Josh_JK

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  17. To be fair it was a good while ago - maybe 2007/8? Maybe I'm expecting too much from it.
    Does it require regular proofing?
  18. I have a 'Cover Zone monsoon' search cover zone uk....they have a supplier in Ilford and Littlehampton. It was around £130 three years ago.....it is excellent it keeps the bus dry, has air vents so no condensation, it has a rubbery outer and a slightly fleecy feel to the inside, and straps uner for high winds. My bus has seen two winters out wearing it. [as soon as our workshop has a customers vehicle it gets relegated to the outside]

    It does tear if you catch it on anything..but have used gaffer on them and its fine. I will replace it when its too far gone as its kept my paint work as new...and its cheaper than renting a garage. Its a snug fit too
  19. Josh_JK

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