Jaywick - How did it get that bad?

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  1. kev


    That would be nice the field is massive so wouldn't be a problem as for organising it I cart organise myself
    Busmonkey lives there As Well SOMEWHERE :)
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  2. A lot of bins were removed from the streets as they were a good place to hide a bomb,think IRA
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    Just watched this...

    There is a very easy answer to this... I leave it to nature

    A massive tsunami will sort that place out :)

    No need to thank me
  4. I'm more interested in the billions leaving the UK in unpaid taxes or taxes which have been avoided because our taxation system was established to support thre very rich.

    This amounts to multiples of any amount ''scrounged' or fiddled by the least wealthy. But of course simple minds love a good scrounger story. Makes em feel holy!

    Daily Mail anyone?
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    There are so many targets nowadays. The investment bankers falsely influenced the LIBOR rate in order to give their investors a profit on their deals as opposed to a loss. Some of the banks have paid fines for this fiddling but no one seems to be too concerned that the fiddling of the LIBOR rate has cost us ordinary people dearly in higher mortgage costs, higher fuel and power costs and more expensive loans.

    According to HMRC they would prefer to fine tax dodgers and get the money back rather than spending money taking them to court. That may well be true but as I get older I get more cynical and it could, just, be a way of sweeping everything quietly under the carpet.

    The latest targets are contributors to the Labour Party, yesterday it was conservatives. Lots of these contributors actually pay money to both party's as a way of buying influence whichever party is in government.
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    You and several others.
    I won't bother answering something I've already answered several times though.
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    Banks are businesses. They consider fines as a reasonably predictable business cost and if they'll still be in profit after stumping up they go ahead and steal from us all.

    I suspect the poorer end who don't have the means to cough up fines and benefit/tax repayments get taken to court. It might be as simple as that? But at the other end, knowing you won't be prosecuted and at the worst have to pay back tax, interest and a small fine makes it appealing. Again it's a thing considered as a cost risk.

    In all of this we're left with the chaps in the middle paying PAYE at an pretty high rate compared with what co directors, self-employed etc pay and very limited ways to "tax plan" unless you get rich, but then you move into the hiding your money and crossing your fingers band.
  8. Fair enough - what with them only announcing a ceasefire 20 years ago. I guess it was George Michael that put paid to the public bogs too :)
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  9. Because that's not what were talking about.
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  10. You don't need to be that high up the foodchain to adopt this plan either.
    I have a friend on a good income, has his own project management business. He does OK!
    Under advisement from his accountant he pays the bare minimum in tax and views the fines as his 'taxation', I've seen the figures, he's quids in compared to paying at PAYE rates.
    Everybody is at it in one form or another, company car used for private mileage? Claimed VAT invoices for non-business items? Business lunches? Charitable donations to certain places? Sponsorship? Red diesel? Paying 'cash' for stuff? It's all tax avoidance in one form or another, it's just the bigger the fish, the bigger the numbers.
    It's also NOT what the title says so bog off and bang your tax avoidance drum elsewhere, you don't need to be rich to have moral standing and standards, and a broom and bin bag cost a shed load less than 20 fags.
    I speak from experience having lived in squats in Brixton, over crowded council houses, caravans and even the back of a lorry!
    Yesterday Mrs TBR and I got fed up with the litter that the bin men had dropped and so went round the estate and cleaned up, we are not rich, posh or employees of HSBC. :mad: :theforce::gnome::hattip:
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  11. i feel sorry for the ones at lloyds etc that are going to loose their jobs with closures how will they survive :D
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    You're a little bit posh though aren't you? You did have champagne in a field.
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  13. It wasn't real Champagne and its Keith's field, posh isn't the word I'd use to describe our do.
    There is a word I'd use but the new swear filter will go vegetable crazy. :)
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  14. sANDYbAY

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    NOT REAL!!!!
    I drove ALL that way down there and you gave me bottles of FAKE champagne? I'm shocked!

    (Actually it was brilliant)
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    It was :thumbsup:
  16. These bloody pikeys, you can't trust em, flogging dodgy booze and fags. (The dodgy fags were particularly nice) ;)
  17. I believe @Keith.H is organising a repeat event, same weekend, I may have to see "mon ami" at the Vineyard again. :)

    BTW if he offers you something called Polinka, DO NOT DRINK IT.
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    SEE, I knew you was posh.
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    Was that aimed at me?
  20. No.

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