I've been doodling again...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Robo, Sep 18, 2017.

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    Real men have a Teddy Bear.
    This is a scientific fact !
  2. I’ll text my friend and I’ll ask him...

    He said his name is Dave, he really loves that bear, I take it everywhere, I take it to football in my bag, he even sleeps with me
  3. I mean my friend does, not me, he’s not mine
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  4. What in Barnsley red? Just like Bazza and his imaginary friend Dave
  5. :rolleyes:
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    No, that would be just wrong.
  7. I think that this post is great and shows that people on this forum really think about each other.
    The fact that asking about OAP discounts for @Barry Haynes is really commendable and saves him the embarrassment of asking for himself as we all know that he is in denial.
    Well done.:thumbsup:
  8. You need to tell Bazza' mate Dave. He leaves it in Bazza van ;)
  9. Glad to help. I’m thinking of volunteering for Age Cymru.
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  10. That’s cool. Many thanks

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  11. Glad you like it.
  12. I switched the web site T shirt shop thingy on last night www.doodledubz.uk but due to it being new it was delayed due to having to be checked to ensure it was ok apparently but just checked & its now up & running...
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  13. It looks great @Robo very nice what do we do if want ours doing as I can’t see mine on the site also may want one of the beetle as well if poss ?
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  14. Just put Uber cab on the number plate

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  15. I have more doodles than I have space in the shop package & need to see how it goes before I start paying for a package but no problem if you wanted to order a T then I can upload your image for you just let me know.
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    Are you able to do other colour T shirts Robo? Black for instance?
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  17. @Robo. These are brilliant! Hopefully I have not missed the boat, can you Doodle my bus?

    Can the reg plate show Poppy please?

    Am happy for this to go in your T-Shirt portfolio.


  18. Black is available along with others, I chose white because the images are clearer! Just let me know what you want fella

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  20. I shall tidy it up and add to the website later fella, after that you will need to go on and select the size you require and pay via the site as I’m not involved in the printing side of things.

    I shall let you know when its available but it will be in the ‘Personalz’ collection.
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