I've been doodling again...

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  1. I've waited a bit because I thought it might be a bit cheeky to ask for two, but is there any chance you could do one of the front too please @Robo ?



    Oh, and in answer to your question, feel free to use the doodle for t-shirts, etc, I'd buy one! Just replace the number plate with '1973'.
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  2. Very but shall add you to the list
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  3. [​IMG]
  5. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Head Girl

    Woo hoo, that is ace @Robo! Thank you so much :D
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  6. Looks great as your Avtar thingy :thumbsup:
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  7. IMG_20171103_143649.jpg IMG_20171103_130715.jpg

    Hi Robo could I have our Wedding bay "jemima" doodled please

    Could the plate read Mr & Mrs.

    If you wanted to use the image that's fine with me. Thanks!!
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  8. Will this do?

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  9. Looks great love it!!. :thumbsup:
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  10. [​IMG]

    Finishing touches along with the website I have reserved but not done anything with as I’m still searching for a suitable garment printing company to upload the designs to...
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  11. So you all know I enjoy a doodle & some have said they'd buy a T Shirt so I have signed up to an account with Teemill, I'm giving them a try as I don't want to get involved with printing packaging & posting etc. mainly because I don't have any of the gear but also want to spend my spare time doodling. I have my own shop which can be accessed via a redirect from my domain name www.DoodleDubz.uk although its not currently open for business yet!

    I'm planning to use some of the doodles I've already done of those who have said I could which will either be simple single designs or incorporated with others to create other more complicated designs hopefully with multiple buses on which I'm currently working on in my spare time & inbetween other doodles ive been asked to do.

    If I have done a Doodle of your Dub & you'd like a T Shirt printed then let me know & I shall add it to the collection or If I've not done a doodle yet them let me know...
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  12. I would be interested, but would need to know a price first. Is there a discount for pensioners :D:thinking:
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  13. I think the standard price set for a white T Shirt is £19 and that includes postage I believe, no discount I'm afraid tho.
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  14. @Robo now that my wife has painted my van I would be very grateful if you would do me one of your sketches so I can frame it and hang it in the hall, I’m in no rush I know you’ve plenty to get on with
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  15. Is that your Barnsley red teddy on the dash Bazza?
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  16. Em no that’s a friends teddy, I’m a cockney we don’t have teddy’s
  17. :rolleyes:
  18. Would you like the number plate showing or the name of your camper?
  19. @Robo number plate please
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  20. Has Teddy not got a name Bazza :)

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