Its persistently raining here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Woodylubber, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Don’t panic ! The Surreytonians have ordered sunshine for next week , not sure about the rest of the country ....... do I care

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  2. Another day of dreary fog and 5degC.

    Its like I've died and gone to Scotland...................
  3. :D
  4. Think how the Welsh must feel. They've never seen blue sky in their lives.
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  5. That's the same with Manchester but good thing is we use their water for our sunburned gardens :thumbsup:
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    OI !!
    Shut it, the pair of ye!!
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    In case you were wondering it's just gone 0700 hours and it's already 23°C and sunny.
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  8. Anyone would think your in Barnsley :D
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    True, but it's more believable where I am.
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  10. That's why Aussie women over 40 look like old leather handbags..........
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    Only those who spend hours lying around on beaches, most don't these days.
  12. Got more chance of seeing The Sun in Liverpool than Barnsley. ......
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  13. Hill fog and mizzle. Joyous! Not!!!
  14. Washed out of Lakes after 2 days of a weeks camping holiday. Left Langdale campsite a couple of inches shy of flooding. :mad:
  15. :( That’s a bugger mate :(
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  16. Oh no rubbish :(
  17. Cheers lads, appreciated. To top it off,whilst int Lakes found out me fishing buddy has got the big C, nowt can be done. Went to see him in hospital with blazing sunshine all day. We had a good laugh.
  18. That is bad and sad news. Hopefully you can help keep spirits up as best as possible.
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  19. :( Good you are laughing together poxy C :(
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  20. Been A Bit damp again. Glad the new works greenhouse is polycarbonate.

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