Its persistently raining here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Woodylubber, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. they forecast good weekend darn ear this weekend , im going thru the tunnel :D
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    Still in shorts and got a whole day roofing today. Not looking good for tomorrow, but I'm expecting to be doing muck work on my shorts n T shirt.
  3. Im gonna sleep in the bus and pretend its mid summer and im camping in Lancashire. Nice and warm to be honest but bloomin damp. (The weather that is)
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  4. Woodylubber

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    Absolutely teeming it down again, getting a bit sick of it now, it's starting to ruin summer again
  5. We're in Keswick & its raining here too
  6. Was going to go camping this week - but yellow snowing down here too - and set for the rest of the week.
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    Well - we have 3 weeks of camping coming up from this weekend coming. I'm glad that I've mostly booked hard-standing is all I can say.
  8. Blown in from the continent - lashing down here too.
  9. Taking your scuba gear with you?
  10. bernjb56

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    Most probably settle for a snorkel and flippers and hope for the best :)
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  11. Hope your enjoying your break, im getting the same rain you've had but the only problem is its making a flat roof next to the conservatory leak. Just took the plaster board down, going to get messy. .
    anyone know anything about putting a rubberised roof membrane on.......
  12. Been good for the veg though and saves on watering.
  13. Blowing a hoolie in Cornwall, anyone coming with an awning bring some storm straps !!
  14. Not raining here yet, in back garden picking kale, carrots and potatoes from the plastic boxes, for dinner with a piece of grilled haddock.

    Potatoes grown in boxes are so easy and I just stick my hand in and pull out a few as I need them.

    Nice trip out in the van today in the sunshine, life is good.
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  15. What sort of boxes do you use?
  16. managed to get to the allotment this morning before it started to rain - spinach and mangetout picked for dinner and radish for the salad. Courgettes and spuds not quite ready but lots of rain to help them on.
  17. I use council recycling ones !!
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  18. I put my recycling in ours!
  19. Keswick is lovely, been out on the lake, scenery is stunning:D
    Can't help with the roof though :(
  20. Watered the garden last night, waste of time. Had a good inch in half an hour, and then the rest.

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