It's on, Subaru power here we come!

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by CandyCamper, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Goodness you must be wealthy ;) it's fifty quid in my household.
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  2. Isn't that the beauty of personal choice.
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  3. Yep I was just saying that's all look great but not for me
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  4. [​IMG]

    She's done!

    Just got her home...... first 11 miles under Subaru power!
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  5. Having trouble uploading videos on photo bucket.....
  6. Well what was it like???
  7. A bat out of hell! Only used half throttle as I'm conscious I want to make it through the season without killing the 3 rib.
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  8. I'm really getting the itch to do this.... have a lock up with plenty of space to strip a car and keep all of the bits, donor vehicles are dirt cheap and although my type 4 is fine, it's bound to break at some point.
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  9. Do you have any updates CandyCamper?
    Did your 3 rib last the season?
  10. Did it? @CandyCamper ?
  11. yep would be great to get a further update of how you’ve found it so far?? Excellent thread whatever someone’s personal preference might be.
  12. Hasn`t polluted this site for months - think he got a bit peed off with the Subaru / aircooled argument , delicate flower that he is :D

    Or maybe some people realised he was full of sh1t ??

    I personally found it `interesting` how he couldn`t keep a 1600 T1 going but could self fit a Scooby in a couple of weeks when other clearly more experienced dabblers took months . He really should get back and tell us ....

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  13. Sorry have been a little distracted..... yes the three rib lasted the season.... and has just done 500 Miles in the last week to Dorset.

    Defo needs upgrading though..... as the big motor is spinning way to fast and drinking like a fish.
  14. What mpg are you getting?
  15. 21.9 mpg but that’s cruising on the motorway at 65 and getting a fair lick on cross country.... for a bus....
  16. Think I’m down a sensor somewhere too as I put it on the meter and the CO was 8.... haven’t the time to play with it this side of the winter though.
  17. Just old scan it, it will soon tell you. Simple as. 21.9 isn't too bad though, mine(2.5) is only doing about 25 at the moment. Heavy right foot though
  18. The port isn’t working..... considering a new loom as the one that came with was less than perfect.
  19. Better to get that one repaired/sorted, had to find a loom on its own and also the same. Especially for 2.5's

    Best to speak to nick tune.
  20. Razzyh

    Razzyh Supporter

    Not sure on engines but I was getting 28 with a 2.0 though that was cruising 60/70. Started doing 75/80 on way home and dropped to 23.

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