It's on, Subaru power here we come!

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by CandyCamper, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Do you mean £? If so then £50 of course...... as far as the wife is concerned everything is £50......
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  2. Crikey..... not me. Not even close to half that.
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  3. @monkeyvanwestybike its not the engine that's the pricey bit in any case.... the engines are indeed pretty much in line with your £300 M50. Try fitting that M50 to a car that it was not intended for and see the money flow out of your life though.
  4. It's your Money not mine
    Whatever makes you happy :)
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  5. That’s ^ what it will have to do to produce 198bhp. Put too high a gear on it and you’ll be rowing it along on the gears to keep it on the cam(s). The Subaru 5-speed would be much better than a 6-rib.
  6. Some research will occurr however being the 2.5..... which following the rebuild it had is actually more like 2.6-7 it's a fairly tourqey lump low down. It's a legacy motor not Impreza.

    Irrespective of what it may be rated at its been bought to go up hills at sensible speeds not win the traffic light Grand Prix :)
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  7. 2.5 is all about grunt/torque probably a better engine for a camper. tbh it would be better in mine @CandyCamper what with me towing etc.
  8. Awkward.
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  9. We went up a hill at 15mph for about an hour once....sensible was worth it though;)

    Black Hills of Dakota
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  10. Looks relaxing and deserted. Unlike the hills in Cornwall where a quick glance in the mirror reveals a snaking trail of red faced motorists cursing their unfortunate luck to be stuck behind a fully loaded 1600 cc relic from before they were born.
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  11. Grenade thrown :p
  12. Love a good convoy:D people need to chill out LOL
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  14. For a moment I thought that was 99p
  15. its got cruise control aswell
  16. Now that would be a nice mod.
  17. Perhaps there's a "cooling off period "
    On the 7k one :)
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  18. You are obsessed with this notion of £7k..... lol
  19. No
    £6954 +sundries then:)
    I dunno
    Perhaps if you tell us how much you have spent then that will clear it up
    I have A calculator and I will deduct the £99 for the engine
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  20. I told you less than half that.

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