Is this a Vw Forum?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mary, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. kev


    what a great read about nothing

    was he joking after all
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  3. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    He was but we weren't sure? but we were, he is now though he isn't sure , we are still.

    I hope this clears things up for you Kev:thumbsup:
  4. kev


    as clear as water thankyou

    i may take a course in brain surgery its got to be easier than trying to work theses threads out :)
  5. I got lumps on mine.
  6. do you use tongs or a spoon ?
  7. you could try geta brainwash dot . com
  8. The preferable tool is a spork, cross between a spoon and a fork. If you don't have one a nipple clamp will suffice.
  9. my spork is bent could i use a knoon
  10. Only if your desperate use a knoon.
    I can't believe you don't have nipple clamps. Have you asked Betty?
  11. betty only has clips
  12. .
  13. Teenage angst is dependant on the decade," Barbarella"<>> now that's a bit of teenage angst and then some ! ,yup ,I am that old/sad?
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  14. pensionite?
  15. Sorry had to pop out. Sounds like your stuffed mate. :)
  16. wing nuts?
  17. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Barbarella - man she was hot!
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  18. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    So wrong but so err --

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  19. 'Wing nuts' to you an all mate.
    How rude!
  20. :oops: peanuts then

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