Is this a Vw Forum?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mary, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. or the Marjorie Proops column
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    Yes what do you need sorting
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  3. General Discussion or so says the header....
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    General means you can post about anything within reason and within the bounds of decency.

    If you want grease and petrol and nuts and bolts - go in mech n tech.

    If you want anything else see @Terrordales - he is on the ball and our contact with the other side.
  5. it was meant as the joke ... because out of the first 20 "recent posts" 16 were people moaning about life and nothing to do with VW :confused: lol
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  6. yes wizard , you can go ta jk or alike if you want , tantrum thursday where some throw toys out of the pram , do you think you dont get answers about your vw then , id say this forum is one of the most friendly informative forums ive known , it is after all much nicer to ask a friend a question than a complete stranger but TJMO.
  7. @Marjorie Proops
    She'll be along shortly. :)
  8. I did say it was just a joke, however whats TJMO ?
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    I know and seeing as you now love us all so much and keep coming back, you can put in an application to have our children. Rick will oblige you if you come to dubfreeze as he's sleeping alone and likes young boys.

    Incidently he has been quiet lately because he has gone into mass production of fibreglass landrover chassis rails and selling thick underseal. he's making a mint.
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  10. Its a forum that people from all walks with a shared interest inhabit to discuss the technical aspects of their pastime (hobby?) which in itself has a lifestyle associated with it which is quite broad. In effect boards like this have indeed become social media and even before the popular social medias were common boards like this would support a virtual community. A number of us can attest not only to sharing virtual time but physical time too, indeed friendships and possibly partnerships have flourished. I assume you refer to not VW or social subjects which are discussed. Its all good and normal to share and discuss issues with your peers, particularly when you know that their politics, social background, culture etc differs from yours. A poll was taken some time agao and a decision taken by mods not to let things get too political and although Ive strayed from the path myself I think thats a good thing.

    Now then about this irrational issue you seem have with social interraction.....
  11. i know but have you got the city n guilds papers to prove that you can tell jokes JA
  12. how many times ????? it was a joke :rolleyes::p:)
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  13. Not another thread with somebody moaning on again :rolleyes:
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    I think he was joking - sort of Swansea humour- deadpan and wearing corduroy trousers.:thumbsup:
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  15. @ all of you tbh, icgaf awysott s I sctks iwjaj ok !!! :lol:
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    Is that a sheeps---s joke?
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. oooooooohhh !!!! you can always tell when the north/north west get off the train in Swansea by their flares and platform shoes :)
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    Do you hang around the station a lot?
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